Monster Hunter 4 Pushes 2 Million Units in Just Four Days

Monster Hunter 4
It has taken Monster Hunter 4 just over three days to cross 2 million units sold in the Japanese video games market.

The figures were revealed in a press release posted by Capcom, who called it the highest first week shipments for any third-party 3DS title in Japan. However, the press release didn’t mention actual sales figure and neither did it mention as to how the 2 million units divide between retail and digital copies.

Monster Hunter 4 maintains the same world view in a thoroughly developed brand new game for the Nintendo 3DS platform. As well as featuring new monsters and weapons, the game is the first in the series to offer dimensional action that exploits height differences, and is packed with attractive and completely new elements for multiplayer interaction online.

Moreover, a local development that features a link with Shibu hot spring resort in Nagano Prefecture as well as positive and wide-ranging collaborations with other industries in areas such as food, drinks, and clothing, etc. have been highly successful in exploiting promotional opportunities.

Currently the game is ranked at number 3 on eShop all-software chart in Japan. Hence, we know the game has performed well digitally. We’ll know for sure when the exact figures are posted later this week.

Capcom initially hoped to ship 2.8 million copies of Monster Hunter 4 by March 31, 2014. Seeing as to how the game has taken off, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the manages to top that mark in the next week.

Monster Hunter 4 was released on September 14 exclusively for the 3DS. A western launch has yet to be confirmed by the company and fans here shouldn’t worry too much on that. Looking back, Monster Hunter 3 was debuted as a Wii exclusive title but ended up on the PS3, 3DS, Wii U and then in the western markets.

So far the series has managed to push 25 million units to date.

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