Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Boss Guide

In the latest game by SEGA for consoles and PC, you battle off against unusual boss enemies who always have some tricks up their sleeves. In our Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Boss Guide, we will share tips and strategies for defeating each of the bosses.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

In his quest to stop the outbreak of dark magic, Jin must find utility for all of his six animal transformations as he fights through a perilous land filled with monsters blocking his path.

In between, he will come across some boss enemies that are tougher than normal foes and require some planning and implementation of certain strategies to be put down for good.

1. Undead Wizard

When you first encounter him, you will not be able to comprehend the wizard’s speech. It will continue to sound like a completely alien language until you turn the ‘Ghost Language Translator’ on from the game’s setting. Cheeky, right?

Now, the wizard will start to make sense who will ask you to turn into a pig and a frog. Transforming successfully into the two animals will mark the start of the battle.

During the first phase, the wizard will be surrounded by the shield that can best be destroyed by Pepelogoo, the dragon’s light beam.

Even after the shield is brought down, proceed to send out fireballs from range to deal damage to the wizard without risking incurring damage yourself.

The two main attacks that you will need to avoid are the blue beam attack and flying scythes.

Both can be dodged since the former takes time to charge up while the latter emerge from portals, so whenever you see one, know a scythe is coming your way.

The second phase starts with the appearance of three blue vertical lines on the screen.

During this, the wizard will send out beams that cover the majority of the screen, so to avoid it, move to the center of the screen, right at the vertical line in the middle.

Again, the portals will appear and send out a total of five scythes out from them, dodge them accordingly.

Your window of attack during this phase is established when you set ablaze the bat lantern statue at the lower end of the screen. This will create a portal which you can enter and start your fireball pressure through on the wizard.

Remember, the wizard will be invisible during this phase, and your only chance of attacking him is via the aforementioned portal.

While you are carrying out the above procedure, a ghost will try to take away the lantern. You will need to target this ghost with your fireballs so that the lantern is restored in its rightful place.

Fend off the second wave of the beam attack by again moving to the middle of the screen.

In the final phase, you need to read the attack patterns for the boss enemy, and whittle down the remainder of his health to achieve the victory.

2. Lion Warrior

Being the fastest of all the bosses, Lion Warrior will often charge at you and his animation will be the indicator. When he initiates it, use the Prince Boots and jump over the Dash Attack.

Your chance of attacking him is by noticing a plus symbol on the ornament in the middle and using the tongue of the frog transformation, hit this plus symbol.

This will turn the warrior upside down and you can land a few hits while he is in this puzzled state.

During the next phase, some bomber minions will stand in your way and attempt their shenanigans while the boss takes to the ceiling and watches in amusement.

Once you have taken care of all the minions, the Lion Warrior will send a projectile that you can reflect with your shield hitting him and eventually causing him to fall on the floor below.

Before he charges at you, again target the plus symbol with your tongue and flip him up again. Continue to attack while he is in such a state. Do this twice and you will reach the final stage of the fight where the boss enemy hurls axes your way.

Dodge them, repeat the trick of flipping him upside down, and reflect his projectiles and you will be able to eliminate him after three iterations of this cycle.

As a reward, you receive the Great Orb of the Lion that will allow you to transform into this animal. As a lion, you can perform powerful a sideways and downwards Dash Attack to deal damage and destroy obstructions in your path.

3. Voldrake

The main strategy to avoid Voldrake, the dragon’s fire attacks, is to anticipate them and get as far away from his mouth as possible when you know he is breathing in to initiate his fireball or beam attack. Both can be dodged by dashing away.

After evading these attacks successfully, move close to Voldrake’s head and inflict enough hits to send him into a dizzy state.

In such a state, you will need to make use of the surroundings to inflict heavy damage on the boss enemy. This can be done in one of the two ways.

Either use the spikes right at the top, on the ceiling, and position Voldrake’s head so that it lies directly below. Alternatively, you can dash to the side of the dragon’s head so he hits one of the spikes on the right or left of the screen.

Either way, he receives some decent damage that whittles his HP down by a considerable amount.

In the second phase of the fight, he will lock onto you with a red indicator to send down debris of rock and ice formations. Simply dash away at the right time to avoid taking any damage.

Then you will face the terror of his lava attacks that carry the same pattern but you will need to memorize them so you can evade them successfully. The order is listed below:

  • 1st order: Middle, Left, Right
  • 2nd order: Right, Middle, Left, Middle, Right
  • 3rd order: Left, Right, Left
  • 4th order: Twice Outside, once Inside, Outside, Inside, Outside, Inside

Dodge these lava waves successfully and repeat the process of hitting his head onto either of the spikes on the screen to bring his HP down to zero and claim your victory.

The reward will be the Dragon Orb to turn into the flying creature yourself. You will also receive Dragon Talisman from Professor Leveratt so you can use fire attacks as well.

4. Masquerade Carp

This fight is right after the one with Voldrake when you head into the underwater section. This is a rather simple shoot-em-up section where you will have to read the large aquatic enemy’s attack patterns and respond accordingly.

The attack you should be wary of is the laser beam which you can predict by seeing the animation for when it’s being charged up.

The beam can be initiated from the top or the bottom of the screen, so either way swim across to the opposite side to evade it. Avoiding the attacks and dealing your owns, you’ll quickly defeat the boss enemy.

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