Molasses Flood Witcher Game Includes Co-Op, PVE

Late last year, CD Projekt RED announced three different upcoming titles that included a new first-party Witcher game, DLC for Cyberpunk 2077, and another Witcher game developed by an affiliated studio, The Molasses Flood. Molasses Flood has since put out job openings that hint at the game including co-op play and player-vs-environment gameplay.

We still have yet to really know what game Molasses Flood will actually be making in the Witcher universe, but the various job listings might have hints about what we can expect. From those, the Molasses Flood Witcher game could be something like a service title, or a cooperative action game a la Monster Hunter.

The various job openings, which include a senior world builder, multiplayer designer, combat designer, narrative director, and technical game designer, show things like a class system, social activities, non-linear storytelling, procedural generation, and more.

Exactly what these different categories mean could be a lot of different things, such as a cooperative action game like Monster Hunter, a service title like Destiny, or something else. We can at least cross the service title off for now, since none of the job openings require familiarity with such a thing, but it still leaves other game genres that could be used.

It could, for instance, be some kind of team-based action game that could be something like Vermintide or Left 4 Dead, or a monster-hunting game (since that is the point of Witchers to begin with), or a dungeon-crawling game, or something else.

The non-linear storytelling and classes, however, put it towards the possibility of some kind of branching RPG that might also have co-op play involved in it. But we’ll likely be learning more about it as development continues until CDPR is happy enough with it to showcase a trailer or something.

In the meantime, all we can really do is wait and watch to see exactly what The Molasses Flood actually comes up with.

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