Modern Warfare Netcode Issues To Be Addressed

Modern Warfare had its fair share of issues during the recent beta, including ones in relation to a faulty netcode that were concerning to say the least.

Infinity Ward was naturally keeping a close watch on the proceedings, monitoring both data and player-feedback. The developer had promised to provide an update on how it will be tweaking Modern Warfare before launch. That important discussion is about to take place later in the week.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, communications manager Ashton Williams stated that Infinity Ward will be addressing the netcode issues soon. In addition, several other issues, as pointed out by players, will be addressed as well.

She particularly noted that any planned changes will be clarified in the best manner possible, perhaps suggesting that Infinity Ward wants both the tech-savvy and average players to understand how Modern Warfare will be improved. The notion isn’t surprising since the developer has been asking the entire community to help develop Modern Warfare in the “right way” possible.

Having an excellent netcode is always the order of the day for multiplayer games. However, perfection can seldom be achieved and compromises need to be always made at certain corners to not isolate a specific player-base.

Every netcode issue sparks from latency, and Modern Warfare was indeed offering a generous lag compensation for players with higher latencies than normal. One of the biggest complains out of the beta was that players were being killed when turning corners or behind cover without even seeing their killers. This happens when there is a large latency difference between the two players. Due to the netcode, the lower latency player will lag behind on the screen of the higher latency player. Hence, why they might be behind cover but still get killed.

Infinity Ward is expected to explain itself how the netcode has been designed for Modern Warfare and if possible adjustments can be made.

On the other hand, there are also issues that Infinity Ward might not address due to their heated nature. These include the decision to keep the Survival mode of Spec Ops exclusive to PlayStation 4 for a whole year, as well as rumors about supply drops containing weapons, which would push microtransactions into a pay-to-win scenario.

Modern Warfare will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, 2019. With barely a month left, whatever Infinity Ward has to do to promise a smooth launch, it needs to do now.

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