More Modern Warfare Gunfight Gameplay Coming, Says Infinity Ward

Last week, Infinity Ward released gameplay video of one of their upcoming Call of Duty game’s new multiplayer modes, the two-on-two Gunfight mode. However, viewers wanted more Modern Warfare Gunfight gameplay, without the accompanying commentary from the streamers that were playing it, and without facecam. Infinity Ward apparently has something in the works.

Along with having the streaming personalities and facecams getting in the way of being able to fully appreciate the gameplay, the Modern Warfare Gunfight gameplay was also locked at 900p resolution at 60 FPS. While that’d be impressive under other circumstances, many players want it as high as it can go.

Gunfight is something new to the Call of Duty world, as it places a much higher value on teamwork and squad-based tactics since it’s a two-on-two game with random weapons. With how quickly you can die in Call of Duty if you’re not fast enough, coordinating with your teammate is vital.

The Senior Communications Director of Infinity Ward, Ashton Williams, said that Infinity Ward does have something in the works that’s related to the Modern Warfare Gunfight gameplay, but right now they can’t actually give us an ETA on when it will happen.

There’s a reveal for the Modern Warfare multiplayer universe coming on August 1, at 10 A.M. Pacific Time. Whether the gameplay will be coming along at that time or at some point later, however, remains to be seen.

There’s also the issue of campaign gameplay that we’ll need to be watching for. This Modern Warfare is a reboot of the original series apparently more focused on terrorism, but we haven’t seen any gameplay of it since it first was revealed back at the end of May.

Whether we’ll have to wait for the next big gaming event like Gamescom or Paris Games Week, or an individually released video, remains to be seen. But otherwise, you can see the original Modern Warfare Gunfight gameplay by following this link.