Modern Warfare Beta Issues, Connection Problems, Crashing, Driver Errors

The Modern Warfare beta is kicking in this weekend, but unfortunately it’s already having issues pop up. Numerous players have reported that Modern Warfare beta issues extend to everything from connection issues to crashes and even to driver issues.

We’ve done as much as we can, however, to track down these various issues and try and find either solutions or at least workarounds for them. Hopefully Infinity Ward will fix these before the next beta.

Xbox One owners too early to play

Of course, in the very beginning, to get into a beta you have to log in at the appropriate time. However, that’s presenting a problem for many Xbox One users, who are being repeatedly told that they’re too early to play the beta despite the fact that it started yesterday. While this likely doesn’t apply to every owner, it is an issue.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a workaround for it, because CharlieIntel stated in a Twitter post that the issue is on Microsoft’s end, and so far the company apparently has yet to publicly say exactly what the issue is or what they plan to do to solve it. Unless Microsoft can get it fixed before the end of the weekend, you may be out of luck to play.

PC Beta Crashing

Of course, the Xbox One isn’t the only place where crashing is going to be happening. Many PC players have also run into issues that cause the game to crash as soon as they load into a match, making the game essentially unplayable.

A few workarounds have been discovered; reverting the game to its default settings rather than anything super-high end appears to do the trick, though others have also found that uninstalling and reinstalling the beta seems to work, along with running as the administrator. However, there’s no guarantee that this will work for everyone, so be cautious.

AMD Driver Errors

One of the most important parts of PC gaming is keeping your drivers regularly updated. Unfortunately, some of the Modern Warfare Beta issues appear to be due to those drivers. However there do appear to be a number of workarounds for this issue as well.

The workarounds mainly go in the form of updating your drivers to 19.9.2 as an “Optional Update”, which you can find by opening the AMD Driver program and going to the bottom left corner where you have Current Update or Optional Update. Clicking Optional Update will update your drivers to what is apparently needed to successfully run the game.

Connection Issues

Another of the most recent Modern Warfare beta issues that we’ve been seeing doesn’t seem to be limited to just the beta. Instead, players from many of the various Call of Duty games are currently complaining that they are unable to connect to online services for the past several days.

It’s up to Infinity Ward to figure out a way to address this issue. The company recently posted on Twitter that they were searching for a solution to this problem. Exactly how long it will take them to figure out a solution remains to be seen, but hopefully they’ll extend the beta to make up for so many people not being able to play.

Hopefully these are the only bugs that we’ll be seeing from the Modern Warfare beta, but at the same time be wary of any other bugs and issues plaguing the beta.