Modern Warfare Beta Is Now Available For Download, Beta Begins September 12

If you’re one of the many Call of Duty fans looking forward to the upcoming Modern Warfare reboot, then you’re in for a treat. The Modern Warfare beta for the first segment of the game’s beta period is now available for download, though there’s still two days before the beta begins.

The Modern Warfare reboot will have two different beta periods. The first one, which this download is for, will be starting on September 12 and go until September 16, and will be exclusive to those that pre-ordered the game ahead of time.

While this is disappointing if you’re one of those people that loves Call of Duty but hasn’t preordered the game yet, you’re still in luck. The second period won’t be too far after, starting on September 19 and going until September 23.

Along with making sure that everything is in working order before launch, and getting players to point out bugs that Infinity Ward might have missed, the beta will help Infinity Ward to test cross-platform play. This means that players from all three of the new Modern Warfare’s platforms will be able to fight one another.

In the Modern Warfare beta, you’ll be able to take part in three different multiplayer game modes. The two-on-two Gunfight mode, the six-on-six regular mode, and a “large player count firefight” mode that is likely Ground War will all be coming to the beta mode.

Downloading the beta will also be something of a time-consuming process, so to maximize your play time you might want to get started on downloading it now. Since the beta is 42.1 gigabytes, it will take a while for your Playstation 4 to actually download it.

Once again, the Modern Warfare beta coming up this weekend is only for players that have pre-ordered the game on Playstation 4. September 19 is when everyone else on all three of the game’s platforms will be able to play.

Modern Warfare will be coming out on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on October 25.