Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Tuning: How To Tune All Attachments

The highly popular gunsmith feature of the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot has received more depth in Modern Warfare 2. You can add five attachments from a slew of options to every weapon but now, you can also use a new feature called Weapon Tuning to further improve your class setups.

The following guide will explain what Weapon Tuning is and how you can use it to fine-tune your weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

What does Weapon Tuning do in MW2?

Weapon Tuning allows you to tune specific stats on your attachments to suit a particular playstyle.

For example, you can tune your M4 optic to have a faster ADS speed or tune its barrel to give extra accuracy or bullet velocity.

The performance improvement in your gun’s stats caused by weapon tuning is not drastic but it is noticeable for sure. However, increasing a stat will also decrease another stat as a tradeoff.

For example, tuning your stock to have increased recoil control will cause a reduction in aim walking speed. Therefore, tuning should be done in moderation.

How to unlock Weapon Tuning

To unlock weapon tuning for a weapon, you need to get that weapon to max level. Each weapon has a different max level. This might sound tedious but the max levels for weapons in MW2 are much lower as compared to MW 2019.

You can easily max out your weapon within an hour using Double XP Tokens and playing objective game modes like Ground War or Invasion. You can also track the progress you made through the gunsmith menu.

How to use Weapon Tuning

Tuning your weapon is a straightforward process. Just follow the following steps to tune your weapon as you like:

  • Access the Weapons Tab then open your Multiplayer Loadout.
  • Choose the Weapon that you have maxed out.
  • Put the attachments on the gun that you want to tune then access the tuning tab.
  • Here you can see a slider that you can increase or decrease. Moving the slider up will increase the stats in the “PROS” column and moving it down will decrease them.
  • As you move the slider, you can see the complete statistical breakdown on the right side of your screen

Again, remember to tune your weapon in moderation because if you increase your slider too much, the “CONS” might outweigh the “PROS”.

Make sure to enter the firing range to test your weapon tunings. You can also remove your tunings to revert the weapon back to its default settings.

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