How To Fix Travis-Rilea Error In Modern Warfare 2

Travis-Rilea error code is a network connection error between the CoD Modern Warfare 2 server and your device. It can occur because of a problem on your side or the Call of Duty server.

If it is an error on their end, you can visit the official channels of the game to check it. On the other hand, if it is from your side, there are several possible solutions to fix the travis-rilea error code in CoD MW2, which we will cover in this guide.

Modern Warfare 2 Travis-Rilea error code solution

The first and most important thing you will need to do after seeing this error is to head to the official communications channels of the game.

You will see this issue already posted by someone if the CoD server is having some problem. If it is posted there, you can do nothing except wait for them to fix it.

If you find that only you are facing the Travis-Relia Error code, you can try the solutions mentioned below.

Restart your device

The first solution to fix this error is restarting your device. It can fix the error if it occurs because your device didn’t start properly. Whether you are on a console or PC, a reboot can help solve a lot of issues and CoD MWII is no different.

Restart your router

Restarting your internet router is the second fix that you can try to fix Travis-Rilea error in MW2. Sometimes this network error can occur because of the router, as we need to restart it after a few weeks.

You can also change your NAT type to Open and try different wired and wireless internet connections to fix it.

Changing DNS server

If your MWII server is still causing issues after trying the above solutions, you can change the DNS server. Sometimes just clearing the DNS cache also helps you fix this network error.

Disable antivirus and firewall

The last solution that you try to fix the Travis- Rilea Error Code is disabling your firewall and antivirus protection. Sometimes the firewall or antivirus can interrupt the connection process, so disabling them can correct the error. If none of the above solutions works, you should contact Activision Support. They may know a better solution to tackle this issue.

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