Best Modern Warfare 2 RAAL MG Loadout

The mighty RAAL MG returns to Modern Warfare 2 from the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot with some new attachments and...

The mighty RAAL MG returns to Modern Warfare 2 from the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot with some new attachments and improvements. The light machine gun is all about riddling enemies and bunkers with bullets using its massive 100-round drum.

Its fire rate is considerably low compared to some other weapons in the same LMG family. However, that ensures low recoil, so you can stick to its full-auto mode while maintaining accuracy and control.

The RAAL MG hails from the RAAL Platform in Modern Warfare 2. You need to reach level 25 in that weapon platform to unlock the RAAL MG, after which you can start creating a loadout.

The following guide will tell you more about the RAAL MG, including some of the best class setups you should consider for your MW2 multiplayer matches.

Best RAAL MG loadout


  • Optic: VLK 3.0x Optic
  • Muzzle: RAAL Monocore
  • Underbarrel: Demo Narrow Grip
  • Grip: Bruen Q900 Grip Wrap
  • Stock: FSS Riot Stock

If you are looking to deal long-range damage with no recoil, RAAL MG is the best LMG for you. You can use this weapon to fend off players and secure guard posts from distance.

RAAL MG is an LMG weapon that works perfectly in mid-range. The accuracy of RAAL MG will get a little bit less reliable in the long range. Therefore, the loadouts of RAAL MG are particularly focused on improving the LMG for the long range.


Loadouts of RAAL MG are designed so that players can use this as a stationary machine gun. The attachment of RAAL MG will improve accuracy, aim speed, and recoil. The only thing that you have to compromise is mobility.

Best secondary weapon

Having X13 Auto in your loadout as a secondary weapon is a reliable option. With a surprisingly high rate of fire, it can prove lethal in certain situations. You can save an extra perk slot used up by Overkill by taking the X13 Auto.

Best perks and equipment

Base Perk 1: Battle Hardened
Add the Battle Hardened perk to your loadout to decrease effects caused by Gas, Stuns, Flash, and EMP.

Base Perk 2: Double Time
This perk will help you maneuver around the battlefield by increasing your movement speed while crouching and increasing your Super Sprint duration.

Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
Reload weapons, swap them, and use equipment more quickly with this extremely useful bonus perk.

Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix
Having this perk will start health regeneration as soon as you eliminate an enemy.

Stun Grenades are great when jumping the opponent or fleeing the scene and using Molotov Cocktails can help gain area control.

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