Modern Warfare 2 Playerstats Editor

Player stats editor is a utility that lets you edit your stats and import your modified stats with EA Account Manager.

Features of Modern Warfare 2 Player Stats Editor

You can edit all this and more using playerstats editor.
-Longest Streak
-Time Played
-Win Streak
-One-Click Button Challenge Completion & Reset
-Data Validation (If you enter a value too high or too low, it will automatically be corrected.)
-Challenges : Perks : Levels
-Challenges : Perks : Progress
-Challenges : Weapons : Levels

Download Modern Warfare 2 PES 2.2
Download EA Account Manager


How to Use Modern Warfare 2 Player Stats Editor

1. Read instructions on how you can use EA Account Manager.

2. Export your playerstats.txt file using ea account manager.

3. Backup your playerstats.txt file.

4. Open Player Stats Editor (PSE).

5. Click the open button and select your playerstats.txt file (The one you just exported with ea account manager).

6. Edit to your liking.

7.  Click the save button and wait for the “Saved” message.

8. Close PSE.

9. Import your modified playerstats.txt file using EA Account Manager.

10. Play the game online to make your stats fix if not using auto stats management feature of EAM.

Possible Reasons For Stats Not Saved

The “PSE.exe” file must be in the same folder as provided “Data” folder which in turn should contain all the .txt files (such as weapons.txt). If this is not the case, you may see all the tables black when you load PSE.exe.

Even if one file from Data folder is missing you risk your stats getting messed up. Right now PSE.exe doesn’t have an error checking code, so it will write the data and read it from the very beginning of the playerstats.txt file.

If everything is setup correctly you will have your stats saved and ready to be transferred.

If Stats Don’t Stick

Case I
Either EAM treats x64 and x86 the same way in which case your questions should go into EAM’s forum as PES will in no way causing this.

Case II
EAM automatically treats x64 and x86 machines differently and data stored in game memory is different from x64 machine. (In this case the playerstats.txt file will also be of different format) Now in this case the PES fault is that it can only edit x86 files.

However as most of the people have used PES with x64 and it has worked fine for them, the problem most probably is Case I. If only playerstats.txt file that PSE edited don’t work for you, then you can ask otherwise it is not PES related issue, it is a fault at EAM’s end.

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