Best LMGs In Modern Warfare 2

LMGs or Light Machine Guns in MW2 are big magazine beasts that you can just spray and pray to not only provide suppressing fire for friendlies but also mow down enemies on an objective. If you prefer a big gun, LMGs should be your go-to weapons in Modern Warfare 2.

Some of these LMGs can even two-shot enemies. Therefore, they offer you the quickest TTK in MWII. The list below has all the LMGs ranked based on ranges, accuracy, TTK, sustainability, Magazine Size, etc.

Modern Warfare 2 best LMGs ranked

The following are the best LMGs in the CoD Modern Warfare II.

  1. 556 Icarus
  2. Raal MG
  3. Sakin MG38
  4. HCR 56
  5. RPK
  6. Rapp H

Best LMG: 556 Icarus

This gun offers the best damage output and mobility in MW 2. It is from the group of M4, which is an amazing AR and unlocks after you take M4 to level 18 in Modern Warfare 2.

556 Icarus has a long range with great control that you can improve further with attachments. You can count on this weapon in different situations, and it wouldn’t disappoint you.

Its fast speed will help you take out many enemies quickly. Its magazine has a capacity of 75 rounds. With 150 rounds in reserve, you don’t have to worry much about reloading.


Raal MG is another excellent LMG in CoD MWII with the fastest TTK. It won’t only take out enemies quickly but also has a good magazine size.

Its damage dealing is also the second highest in the LMGs available. As a result, you can easily take out your enemies in a couple of hits.

RAAL MG was a strong contender for the number one spot, but its mobility is not that good. Mobility plays the most critical role in MW 2, so we can’t compromise.

To unlock it, you will need to reach level 25. After that, you can find this weapon in your inventory, but again, you need to level up more for some decent attachments.

Sakin MG38

Sakin MG38 is a gun that will help you push back enemies with its firing. It has the largest magazine size with a capacity of 100 rounds.

Because of it, no one will like to stand in front of it as it will not give them time to reload. Enemies can’t escape its bullet rain.

The best thing about it is it is unlocked from the very start of the game. With some suitable attachments, you can further boost its stats like damage, speed, etc.

However, when it comes to mobility, this weapon is not that good, so avoid using it in close encounters.

HCR 56

It is an old LMG that you may have seen in previous CoD games, but its stats are improved this time. In addition, now it can take out enemies quickly.

Its base damage is more significant than any other LMG available in Modern Warfare II. Moreover, its excellent mobility and handling will allow you to control it easily.

However, its magazine size and fire rate are lower than other LMGs. But some attachments can help you out in increasing the magazine size of his LMG.

It is an excellent choice if you want a weapon with high base damage and mobility. You can get this LMG by leveling up STB 556 to level 20 in MW 2.


This LMG is similar to the AK-47 with a 75 rounds mag. RPK has a long barrel that helps to take out enemies at a distance.

Using the right attachments, you can make this a deadlier weapon, but controlling it isn’t easy. Without proper control, you can’t take advantage of its ability correctly.

Moreover, unlocking it is not that easy. You will need to unlock Kastov 762 and increase its level to 17 to unlock RPK in MW 2.


It is the most accurate gun in MWII. It offers an excellent fire rate as well to take out enemies quickly. However, it is a little challenging to handle, and that’s why it is at the bottom of the list.

But you can use the attachments to improve its handling, and it will become a fantastic weapon for you. In addition, its magazine size is good, so you don’t have to worry more about reloading. However, unlocking it is not that easy. First, you must unlock Lachmann-566 and take its level to 16 to unlock the RAPP H

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