Modern Warfare 2: How To Play Hardcore Mode

Hardcore playlist has been a staple of the CoD franchise for ages. Even though the main game has pretty low time to kill, a lot of players still prefer because of the extra challenge and exhilarating gunfights it offers. However, soon after the release of CoD MW2 (2022) players noticed that hardcore mode was unavailable in Modern Warfare 2.

If you are missing the presence of this deadly playlist, allow us to explain how you can start playing the hardcore mode in Call of Duty MWII.

What is hardcore mode?

Hardcore mode is basically like the standard 6v6 multiplayer mode but a lot more intense and challenging.

The players have 30HP in this mode instead of 100HP. Players have limited HUD and no name tags. And even more interesting, friendly fire is open. This means, you can kill your own teammate too!

All of these changes convert the arena into a kill zone. Players love to play in this mode since you can easily take more kills. But you need to stay active too as there are no name tags so you can accidentally kill your friend or get killed by a friend.

How to access Hardcore playlist in Modern Warfare 2

There are 10 game modes in MW2 but Hardcore is missing. But this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any hardcore mode in the game.

Developers have confirmed to include hardcore mode in Modern Warfare 2 on 16th November, 2022. But it won’t be called Hardcore this time. It will be called ‘Tier 1’ mode.

This Tier 1 mode will launch with CoD MW2 Season 1 and will be a great way to level up quicker in the game as the chances of getting kills in this mode are the highest. A single pistol shot can easily take down most enemies so it is a great way to farm weapon xp.

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