Where To Find All The Ghost Team Targets In Modern Warfare 2

Ghost Team is the 16th mission in CoD Modern Warfare 2, and at the end of it, you will get the opportunity to earn the Practice Makes Perfect achievement. But to get this, you will need to find and hit all 33 Ghost Team targets in the practice area in Modern Warfare 2.

Here we will cover all the details about the Ghost Team targets locations so you can get the achievement quickly.

Ghost Team target locations

The targets can be found scattered all around the field during the boss fight against Graves, when players are in a training area. The 33 targets you need to destroy, by either shooting or punching, are basically target practice boards.

Once you have hit all 33 targets, you will earn the Practice Makes Perfect achievement/trophy for CoD MWII.

Now to find the targets right after entering the practice area, turn left and head forward to find the first four Ghost targets around the cars.

The fifth target location is on top of the container right next to the cars. After that, move forward along the left side wall, and you will find another target at the edge of the practice area along with the seventh one.

Continue to head forward along the wall, and you will see two more targets on cement blocks right in front and one on the back side of the practice arena.

After taking out all the ghost targets outside, you must enter the four buildings in the middle of the practice area. You will find multiple targets around the buildings, inside them, and on the rooftops.

From these four buildings, you will find 15 Ghost Team targets in three buildings, 5 in each. In the fourth building, you will find eight targets.

The tank will follow you throughout, so try to avoid it as much as possible while entering the building and shooting targets.

Once all 33 Ghost Team targets are hit, the Practice Makes Perfect achievement will unlock automatically. Getting this trophy is not easy at all, and it is one of the hardest trophies you get in Modern Warfare 2.

You should keep a few more things in mind: always play the mission on Recruit difficulty, and don’t try to take out the tank.

Because doing that can complete the objective, and you wouldn’t get the achievement. Also, if you die before hitting the last Ghost team target, you have to start it over again. So stay alive by taking good cover and make sure to hit all the targets in a single go.

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