How To Fix “Data Is Corrupt Error” In Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been released with a slew of technical issues that affect your ability to play/enjoy the game. Considering that the new installment features a new weapon progression system, there is nothing from frightening than launching MW2 to see that all of your progression has been reset.

In that vein, some players are facing a data-is-corrupt error when launching Modern Warfare 2. The error reads that “your data is corrupt or didn’t download properly” before suggesting that “you must reset your rank and unlocks to continue.”

You then have the option to choose either Yes or No to continue. The game, however, does not clarify what happens afterward. Does your progression actually reset after pressing Yes or No?

The following guide will explain more while telling you how to fix the data-is-corrupt error in MW2.

“Data is corrupt” – how to save your progression

The data-corruption error is apparently a bug that appears after installing a new MW2 update. It is not actually that widespread. You can still download the latest update without worries.

Some players, though, have been unlucky and have to wonder if the error is going to erase all of their hard-earned ranks in Modern Warfare 2.

First things first, pressing either Yes or No will not reset your progression. However, if you do not follow certain steps afterward, your progression will be reset. If that happens, you will have to play through the campaign all over again. There is no way to restore your lost progression.

Here is what you need to do to save your progression.

  • When the error screen pops up, press Yes.
  • Head into Settings and then into Quick Settings.
  • Exit the screen by pressing Esc, B, or Circle on your keyboard/controller.

You will then be returned to the main campaign menu with your current progression safe. You can check yourself as well. All of your ranks and unlocks should be saved.

How to fix the “data is corrupt” error for PS5 in MW2

The error is more common for PS5 players compared to PC users. But the error is just another bug, and following a few steps will get you back on track with your game data.

Fix #1 (Going Offline)

You must turn off your internet and reconnect your PS5 with the internet device. This might help you resume your campaign from where you left off.

Fix #2 (Using Quick Settings)

You need to go to the Settings tab of the game and open the quick settings of the game.

You just need to exit the settings tab and use the circle button. This will allow you to access your early campaign, restoring your game from your last point.

Fix # 3 (On-Demand Texture Streaming)

Go to the game’s Settings and then move to the graphics tab. There you should turn off On-Demand Texture streaming settings, which might solve the corrupt data bug for you.

How to fix the “data is corrupt” error for PC in MW2

Fix #1 (Steam)

If you are a Steam user, then go to the settings of Call of Duty: MW 2 and select the properties tab. Select the local files and initiate the verification of the integrity of the files.

Just restart your game after the repair process is done.

Fix #2 (

Heading into your MW2 settings from the launcher and click on the scan and repair option.

Wait for the repair to complete, and then restart your game. 

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