Best Snipers To Unlock In Modern Warfare 2

When it comes to the various weapon types and team compositions, sniper rifles (or snipers) have always been the most popular pick in the Call of Duty franchise. The feeling of picking targets from across the map is simply unmatched.

The only caveat is that sniper rifles require a lot more skill and control to be effective. You need to be patient and have a fair sense of the map. If you stick to a single position, you are likely to get tagged or worse, flanked.

Modern Warfare 2 brings back some of the best sniper rifles from previous installments while also adding some new options. Thanks to the new weapon tuning feature, you can further improve your sniper rifle to be more deadly.

That being said, you still need to pick a sniper rifle from the armory to main. Since there are various options available, the following guide will tell you all the best sniper rifles to unlock in Modern Warfare 2.

Best all-rounder sniper in MW2

SP-X 80

If you are looking for a sniper that provides you with a one-shot kill and high mobility, then SP-X 80 is the perfect choice for you.

The weapon has the potential to kill enemies and even allows you to move quickly between points ensuring you can stay with your teammates and cover them from different points. Most importantly, the SP-X 80 also has a controllable recoil.

If you craft an SP-X 80 loadout in a manner to increase the fire rate and ADS speed on this weapon, then no one stops you from bringing death to the enemies in your MW2 multiplayer journey. So get your hand on this beast of a sniper rifle and prove to be the hawkeye for your team in Modern Warfare 2.

Sniper rifle with the most damage


You would be surprised to see the power behind every shot from MCPR-300. It doesn’t matter if you land a headshot or a knee shot; the enemies will fall to the ground as quickly as possible.

MCPR-300 allows you to kill enemies from every range. Your damage output will pressure enemies, keeping them away from your team.

You can create a perfect MCPR-300 loadout to overcome weapon weaknesses. The high recoil and lower mobility can be overcome by setting the perfect attachments and perks.

You will be able to use this weapon with ease then and you might be able to pick kills at the right time for your team, putting your team in a winning position. You can be a beast of a player on this best damage-dealing sniper in MW2.

Sniper rifle with the lowest recoil

Signal 50

If you are looking for the highest accuracy and good recoil in your MW2 multiplayer match control, then Signal 50 has you covered. The weapon provides high precision and allows you to quickly take follow-up shots in case you miss the first one.

The additional advantage you will get from this sniper is a high firing rate. The enemies will not be able to escape easily as you will have a second shot at them within milliseconds.

You can further improve the weapon by creating a Signal 50 loadout to boost the damage and mobility of the gun.

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