Mobile Royale Tips and Tricks to Gathering Resources, Hunting, Best Heroes, and Guilds

Our Mobile Royale Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about getting started with Mobile Royale with our hero tips, guilds, and hunting.

Mobile Royale is a new MMORTS game, it follows a similar concept to most of the available strategy games. You have to grind for resources and use them to build or improve your base. This Mobile Royale Guide will give you the basic overlay of the game and some tips to improve your experience.

Mobile Royale Beginners Tips

The core concept for the game is that you are the ruler of a castle, as such, you are bestowed with the responsibility to improve your castle, and for that, you are required to spend resources to construct new buildings and to upgrade them. Therefore, your main objective is to gather resources. There are four types of resources i.e. Food, Wood, Stone and Gold available in the game.

How to Obtain Resources?

Your primary meal ticket is to raid other castles and get their resource. Of course, this is quite challenging, especially if you are a beginner, so you can opt for other convenient methods.

Keep in mind that it will also work the other way around, so the enemy might come for your resources instead. In that case, keep your defenses strong and hope for the best.

Alternately, you can hop into single player campaign built into the game. That will provide you with enough resources to get you started and at the same time provide you with the experience to take on other online players.

You can also build your own production buildings. This is a very safe method, but it is very sluggish, so it is in no way a substitute for raiding.

Although the little bit you get from the production house can still make a difference, especially if you keep upgrading them as you progress, so they may produce more.

You can also dispatch some of your troops to gather resources for you available on the world map, but they can only harvest a limited amount of resource.

The amount of the resource they harvest depends on the size of the troop you deployed; you can increase the size of your unit by training more troops in barracks.

However, the amount of troop you will be able to train will depend on the level of your hero, so it might not be a very efficient method, to get resources at first but as you progress and gradually level up your hero, you will be able to gather more resources.

Best Heroes

Along with your troops, you can also summon heroes to assist them in battle. There are several types of heroes available in Mobile Royale; each has its own unique sets of abilities.

In order to unlock a hero, you will need soul stones; you will acquire these as you progress through the game. Each soul stone opens a Hero, so as you acquire more soul stones, you will be able to take multiple heroes into combat with you.

After unlocking a hero, the next step would be to upgrade him. Heroes serve as generals in your army, and having them improves your might, especially if your heroes are more powerful.

You can level them up by either defeating monsters or using EXP potions.

You will be able to find monsters in your world map, defeating them will reward you with the EXP for your level as a reward.

EXP potions are a random drop, you can obtain them in the world or by completing a quest, and you might even be able to get one by defeating a monster.

You can use it by selecting the hero you wish to level up from the HERO tab them clicking “+” next to the level gauge and you will be able to level him up.

However, leveling up isn’t the only way to strengthen your hero. Besides the level gauge, you will notice another gauge. This gauge represents promotions the hero has received.

In order to promote a hero, you will need to find corresponding soul stones that can be applied to the hero. You can click the “+” besides this gauge to view, in which stage the crystals are located.

Promoting a hero instantly boosts his strength and attributes. Furthermore, with each promotion, a rune slot is unlocked for your hero.

Rune slots can be equipped with runes to strengthen your hero, but beware; once the rune stone is equipped to a slot, removing it will destroy it.

You can obtain runes through quests or by defeating monsters. Runes can be stacked or fused together to form a more powerful rune. Rune increases a specific stat of the hero.

Tips and Strategies

Join a Guild
Join a guild as soon as you can. There are several benefits of joining a guild, more importantly, you will be able to make new acquaintance which might teach you some special tricks or not, but It will add to the social experience of the game.

You can also request reinforcements from the guild.

Hunt Monsters
Hunting monsters is very important, especially if you are not able to triumph over other players. The monsters provide good gear and a ton on EXP.

Complete Elite Campaign
When you are done with the normal campaign, you should try the elite campaign. However, it is much tougher than the normal campaign, though it is also much more rewarding.

You can also find soul stones for your heroes by completing these which are very important.

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