MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Conquests Guide

Conquests surely are the most suitable way to build up your Diamond Dynasty team. This by some is seen as a bit difficult task so this article will be covering everything you need to know about MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty conquests.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Conquests

The aim in MLB The Show 21’s Diamond Dynasty conquests is mainly to gain all of the territories. The empty regions in the territories represent the ones that are not under the control of the enemy while the ones filled with colors represent those that are not free.

Fans labeled M mean that they have the manpower. An increase in the number of fans means more territories you can grab. The teams are represented by their logo respectively.

Some important phases that you should know in MLB Diamond Dynasty are described as follows

In this phase, one can grab territories from the enemy. To do so you need to have more than one fan in a particular territory. You just need to play a game and win it. Once you have done this you can grab the territory of your enemy.

Do not forget to have a fan advantage or the difficulty level while facing the enemy would increase.

Steal Fans
This phase will allow you to play a game against your enemy and on winning you can get fans in their territory. Keep in mind that if you play with increased difficulty, you can get a chance to capture more of the enemy’s fans.

This phase allows you to add more fans to your territory. You should make sure that you place this reinforcement to the region that is exposed to the enemy.

This phase allows you to shift fans from one of your territories to the other.

You can get rewards by completing all the goals. You can do it by filling up the map. So, to completely destroy your enemies grab all of the territories that are in their control on the map.

Some Important Things To Do In Diamond Dynasty

Look At The Onboarding Process
First, open The Show Packs and build up the team you want to start with. Next, go through the menu and check all the available options. Next, go to Shop/Packs/Open. From here open any packs if available. Also, go to Enter Show Shop to get free packs.

Adjust Lineup
To adjust your lineup and rotation go to Home/Manage Squad. To avoid doing it manually click on Generate Best Squad to automatically adjust best available players at their respective positions. You can also upgrade your ballplayer and add them in your lineup and rotation. Here is a simple way to upgrade ballplayer.

You can find ballplayer right at the center of Sony San Diego simulation in the latest version. This also allows you to utilize the player you created in both offline for Road To Show and online in Diamond Dynasty.

To add ballplayer creating a new squad is recommended using R1 key. You can also use this squad as an alternative for offline matches and also for your ballplayer’s Archetype Programs.

Styling Your Uniform
Next you will want to make your player appear in the best way possible. After selecting the uniform, you can add a logo from either Logo Editor or by downloading from the Logo Vault.

Play Matches
Play vs CPU- Here you play with real life MLB team. Keep in mind the fact that higher the difficulty you will set the higher your reward will be.

Moments- These are the missions that can be useful for program progression, stubs and MLB players.

Showdown- To counter challenging pitchers you build a team and complete challenges to gather odds.

Conquest- A game in which you are required to take over the territories and steal the fans by winning baseball matches. A guide on how to win conquests is given above in the article under the heading How It Works.

Extra Innings- This is much like play vs CPU. You play against real-life squads and get rewards according to the difficulty.

Ranked Seasons- Play against the enemies online and get rewards on your success while passing the divisions, each with different difficulty.

Battle Royale- Build your squads as you wish and play. On two defeats you will be excluded while on the other hand if you succeed continuously your rewards will mount up on every success.

Events- Build event-specific squads and your success will help you with the program progression. This will also allow you to observe your squad closely.

Play vs Friends- Use Diamond Dynasty Roster to play against your friends. The environment in this mode is unranked and customizable.

Casual- Here you can play with any online player. Again, there are no requirements for this mode as well.

Complete The Collections
First of all, in the collections gather stubs. Here is a guide on how to earn stubs without spending money.

You can earn stubs by taking part in inning programs that evolve with the game. This program depends completely on the XP so you need to take care of this. Also, daily moments, team affinity programs and player programs can be useful.

Make sure you complete the moments and while doing so take care of the fact that you accomplish all the sets. Completing all the tiers award you with bonus stubs.

Collecting cards is also essential for earning stubs. Open the show packs and mark the cards that you have collected. Completing all the tasks in a particular set will be giving you reward in the shape of bonus stubs.

Completing showdown can allow you to get bonus stubs. Obviously, the stubs will be more than the stubs spent to enter that particular showdown.

Capturing territories and playing conquest maps repeatedly gives you bonus The Show Pack and stubs. Keep a focus on goals that can be repeated. Pay attention to the community market as well.

Buy the cards using stubs but make sure that you buy cards that have decreasing value. So in this way you can earn a profit if you have bought cards with low value.

The value can be checked at the triangle button at the marketplace tab. Another way is to create a buy order and buy cards at low price to earn profit when you sell it. This can be done by selecting the card you want to buy and pick View in Market. Now when you do this select Buy/Sell Options > Buy > Create Buy Order.

you can unlock Chipper Jones with a rating of 99. To do so first NL east teams and then move to other NL sets. After finishing NL sets do the same for AL sets, first the AL east teams and then the other AL sets. In case the stubs are not enough then you can try selling you cards that are not required at the moment to get stubs. Now use these stubs to purchase player you want to.

If you are unaware on how to unlock card you can select it with Triangle and then go to Location tab that will show you all possible locations where you can get a player.

You can also find all history of cards at Community Market. By clicking on Create Buy Orders you can get the card. Always try to buy at a price lower than the average selling price to save stubs or to get profit by flipping cards.

Prevent Yourself From Buying Show Packs
Never waste stubs in buying the show packs as they are cheap and with low odds and rewards and they are relatively easy to get, by just playing the game and completing the program.

You can keep stubs for more expensive promotional packs that have more odds and rewards. You can check the status of odds by going to Square button.

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