MLB The Show 21 Baserunning Tips

This guide serves as your one-stop solution to all the Baserunning Tips in MLB The Show 21. We will be teaching you how to master Baserunning regardless of you controlling the whole team or just one player in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Baserunning Tips

Learning Baserunning Tips in MLB 21 will help you win games more often than not. It helps you secure those much-needed extra runs that make or break the game for your team.

Baserunning is slightly different for each team and also depends on you, whether you are controlling the whole team or just one player.

We will be discussing both scenarios in this guide which should give you a very good idea about what you should be doing in each situation in MLB 21.

Baserunning while Controlling the Whole Team

If you are controlling the whole team in MLB The Show 21, then you can use the bumpers on your controllers to decide where the baserunners go.

The left bumper commands all players to advance, while the right bumper commands the players to retreat to the bases.

You can also use the left stick to direct a runner towards a specific base, and pressing X will task the runner to run home.

If you are making a sacrifice fly, use the left bumper to move only the tagged runners. You can check the positions of all runners by using the diagram on the top right of your screen.

If you plan on stealing, you have to be considerate of your timing. Right before the pitch is delivered, press the left bumper to command your lead runner to advance the lead, or press the right bumper to command your lead runner to reduce the lead.

If you want to send all of your runners on a stolen run, simply tap the left trigger, and all of the runners will run as soon as the pitch is delivered.

This method can be a hit or miss as you have to rely on the A.I. pitcher and catcher’s timings. If you want to do everything manually, just hold the left trigger until you feel a vibration. Now, the runner will run as soon as you release the trigger.

Sliding in MLB 21 is very easy while you are controlling the whole team as everything happens automatically. The computer decides on its own when the runners need to slide. You can, however, decide how they slide.

If you push up on the right stick, the runner will dive headfirst into the base. Pushing down on the right stick will make the runner slide feet first.

Controlling One Player

Baserunning in MLB The Show 21 is quite different when you are only controlling a single player on your team. You have to use the left stick to dictate if the runner should advance or retreat by pushing it up or down, respectively.

The camera can restrict your vision while controlling a single player so press the left trigger to have a better view of the runner and the ball at all times.

You have to move the right bumper to the right or left to increase or decrease the lead respectively while stealing with a single player.

You can begin the steal with your left stick and make sure to keep an eye on the pitcher at all times. When the pitcher lifts his front leg, that’s your cue to start the steal.

If you get spotted, then use the left stick to dive back into the bag; otherwise, your player will stay at the same spot.

Sliding is just a tad bit different here as well. The A.I. will depend on you a little bit to decide the time of the slide. You have to use the left stick to initiate the slide and the right stick to decide if you want to dive headfirst or feet first.

These are all the Baserunning Tips that will ensure a successful season for your team in MLB The Show 21.

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