MLB 13: The Show Disrespected Trophy Guide

This is perhaps the hardest trophy to get in MLB 13: The Show. This is because most of it just come down to pure luck. What you basically need to do is to hit a home run after the pitcher lets your previous batter intentionally walk.

Now in order to get this trophy you also have to meet a certain condition, that is:

  • Play an uninterrupted nine-inning game against the CPU, without switching sides or fast forwarding.

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What makes this trophy so hard to get is that you really are never sure when the pitcher will let you walk. However, luckily for you, we have come up with a set of conditions when it is very likely that the opposing pitcher will give you an intentional walk. Those are:

  • 7th inning or later
  • Tied score or very close game
  • Runners at second and third (first base must be open)
  • One out

Now, if you meet all these conditions, then there is a high chance of getting an intentional walk. After getting the intentional walk, the game won’t let you choose which batter comes out next. So, you need to max out the hitting stats of the entire roster beforehand. You need to increase the following attributes:

  • Human Contact
  • Human Power
  • Human Timing
  • Human Sold Hits
  • CPU Pitcher Control
  • CPU Pitcher Consistency
  • CPU Strike Frequency

You can increase these attributes as well but only when you are at-bat:

  • Baserunner Speed
  • Baserunner Steal Ability
  • Fielding Errors
  • Throwing Errors

Additionally, don’t forget to decrease these stats but only when you are at-bat:

  • Fielder Reaction
  • Fielder Run Speed

To get this trophy you will need multiple tries. So, don’t fret if you miss out the first couple of times after all this is the hardest trophy in the game.

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