MLB The Show 21 Bug Mars Biggest Release Day In Series History

An MLB The Show 21 bug about an unhandled server exception is keeping many people from being able to play the game.

The time has come for the of the MLB: The Show series to come out. Unfortunately, an unforeseen MLB The Show 21 bug has marred what might be the biggest release day in the history of the series. Many players are reporting an “Unhandled Exception” bug keeping them from playing.

While it’s not afflicting everybody, a large number of players are still reporting that they are unable to play the game because of the error. Even rebooting the game doesn’t help, as the exception still pops up. So far, the game’s official Twitter account hasn’t responded to the issue.

Without any real knowledge of what’s causing the bug, there’s no telling what the issue might be. It could be server problems on Sony’s end, or it could be something that the studio overlooked as they ported the game to all of the other platforms it’s available on.

The MLB The Show 21 bug comes at what’s likely the absolute worst time. This is the biggest launch in the series’ history as stated above, as the series is no longer a Playstation exclusive and is launching for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X as well.

Considering all of the work that goes into making different ports (regardless of your thoughts on yearly sports games releases), it’s not that unlikely that the developers would have overlooked something that might be responsible for the bug. They may even be combing the code now attempting to find the cause.

At the same time, though, the MLB The Show 21 bug about the unhandled exception might also be due to the servers being unable to handle such a huge influx of people, a common problem with hotly anticipated games. Though at the same time, it doesn’t change that it’s keeping many people from playing the game.

If you haven’t bought MLB The Show 21 yet, it might be best for you to wait for a little while before doing so, and give the developers time to fix the bug so that you can actually play. We do, however, have some tips and tricks for whenever you do pick it up.

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