MLB 13 The Show Quick Thinking Trophy Guide

In order to get this trophy in MLB 13 you also have to meet a certain condition, that is:

  • Play an uninterrupted nine-inning game against the CPU, without switching sides or fast forwarding.

This trophy can be achieved by pulling off a successful 1-2-3 double play. Now to pull this off you need to have all three bases loaded. You can do this easily by letting them intentionally walk in the beginning of the innings.

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After you have all the bases loaded, you need the batter to hit a ground shot so that your pitcher can collect it and throw it home from where the catcher can throw it to the first base. For this you need to pitch the ball in a low area.

In order to help you get this desired outcome easily, there are a few attributes you need to tweak. Max out the following sliders:

  • Fielder Run Speed
  • Fielder Reaction
  • CPU Timing (you don’t want to strike people outl)
  • And set these sliders at minimum:
  • Fielding Errors
  • Throwing Errors
  • Baserunner Speed

Additionally, don’t forget to fully reduce the opposing team’s hitting attributes and max out your pitcher’s attributes.

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