MIT is Offering Game Designing as MOOCs for Free

Many of the historians believe that videogames were actually started at MIT back in 1962 when Spacewar was created by a group of students.

Now, it looks like the institute wants to spread the knowledge as much as they can. Students, teachers and entrepreneurs are being offered free online game designing courses.

They have already started one massive open online course (MOOC) today on development of educational technology. However the one relating to game design will start on October 22. Two more courses will teach the implementation of educational technology and educational games.

A department of MIT called Education Arcade will be holding the courses.

Scot Osterweil, the creative director at Education Arcade says that the massive open online courses (MOOCs) are actually a result of a high level of interest shown by students; and he added:

“We know that the stuff that has caught on most with MOOCs are things that can be assessed through automated testing. We know we’re not the only ones trying to think about more project-based MOOCs, but we also know that it hasn’t advanced very far.”

Other than that, Eric Klopfer the director of Education Arcade says that these courses will not just be videotaped lectures and computer marked program sets like the usual online courses. There will be group based work, interviews with experts and so on.

The official website of MIT EDX has a page dedicated to the courses where you can go and read up on them for more details.

This is also where you can sign up for the courses if you are interested in taking part in any one of them.

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