Mirror’s Edge Rumoured to Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One

With the Xbox One update coming in November, an screenshot appears to show Mirror's Edge will be available through backwards compatibility.

With the new update coming to Xbox One soon, backwards compatibility will allow people to play some of their old games on the new console. The question that many want answered is just what games will be available?

One game that appears to have been confirmed today is Mirror’s Edge, that is if this Reddit post is to be believed. It links to an image, that you can see below which shows the game available through the Xbox One dashboard. Obviously Mirror’s Edge is a good game to release in this way, especially with Catalyst coming in 2016.


With a Metacritic score of 79 the parkour adventures of Faith has been a favourite with gamers, which has led to the high anticipation for the sequel. With an interesting story that doesn’t intrude on the gameplay too much it was the focus on free running that made it so interesting, with the ability to stay out of combat as much as possible.

With the update hitting the Xbox One in November, it will be interesting to see how many other titles are made available. If Mirror’s Edge does get a release this may lead to other EA games coming to backwards compatibility. Just looking down the Reddit post that revealed the news, obvious candidates for a release are the Skate series and the Mass Effect games.

While there hasn’t been a big move to make all Xbox 360 games available, the ones that do make it can be used as a good marketing tool. Mirror’s Edge is a good example of this, reminding people just how much fun the game can be.


Will you be playing Mirror’s Edge if it does make it onto the Xbox One through backwards compatibility? Let us know your thoughts below.

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