Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gets Info on City, Factions

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the highly anticipated remake of the 2007 first-person platforming game Mirror’s Edge, has experienced a high amount of anticipation despite its lackluster reception at E3 2013. With many of its fans anticipating a straight-up sequel (considering the first game ended on a noticeable cliffhanger) many were even outright angry at the lack of story closure.

However, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst appears to be doing its best to get the hype back, with the same amazing graphics of the original, along with the revelation of the game being open-world and more focused on the platforming (even taking away Faith’s ability to use guns). A closed beta for the game’s multiplayer has also been announced.

DICE, the developer of the game, has even included multiple screenshots and information in a recent blog post that will tell us all a little bit more about the city of Glass, where the game takes place.

The city will be divided into at least three districts: Anchor, Glass’s night life, filled with towering skyscrapers and shopping centers and night clubs. Downtown, Glass’s center of modernity, with crowded streets and more shopping centers.

And finally, the View, an area of the city for influential citizens that has a beach, a marina, and opens up into the countryside.

The whole city brings to mind the famous “Gilded cage” argument; in both Mirror’s Edge games Glass is a beautiful place, but the sinister undertones of the shadowy figures that control it give Mirror’s Edge Catalyst a good jump-off point to restart the original story.

Glass also possesses three different factions: The Messengers, a group of couriers that deliver sensitive material to black-market buyers (this is the group that Faith belongs to), the Conglomerate, the group of 13 shadowy business magnates that run Glass with an iron, ever-watchful fist) and Black November, a resistance group that aims to overthrow the Conglomerate and restore freedom to the city.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will release May 24 of this year, allowing DICE to fine-tune the traversal mechanic and also give the beta time to work on the game’s multiplayer component.