Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: Everything You Need to Know About Faith

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was shown in all its glory at Gamescom and we once again saw Faith, the lead character showing her awesome fighting and parkour skills.

Faith was also leading the character line-up in the first Mirror’s Edge. We know plenty about Faith, but not everything about her is revealed in the first game.

To let us know more about this awesome character, DICE has shared a post revealing details about Faith:

Faith was more or less born into the resistance, her parents Martin Connors and Erika Connors being outspoken opponents of the corporate encroachment of the democratic government. They were both leaders of the rapidly growing civil rights-movement which advocated improved working conditions and laws clearly separating business and politics.

Faith’s parent fought against Corporations, but peacefully. Non-violent protest and civil-disobedience was the way to go they believed.

During a peaceful protest which gathered millions to the Glass city, riots broke out and Faith’s parent were sadly killed. Faith made it out, but barely. She was saved by Noah, a friend of her parents.

Noah raised Faith and inspired her to become what she is today, a Runner.

Noah made sure to keep Faith away from the conflict between the Black November resistance movement and the Conglomerate.

Though deeply scarred by her past, and the one murder she committed that same day, Faith has grown to become a self-assured, even cocky, young woman. A thrill-seeker, she runs more for the kick of it than for the money it pays. She cares little for the people below; to her they are willingly misguided fools unable to appreciate true freedom, and she despises the Houses she runs for even more.

Video game characters often feel dull and dry, not very interesting to begin with; but Faith is a character that has grown into a very likeable female lead. It’s a fact that makes Mirror’s Edge deep and engaging.

You can read more about Faith, here.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in early 2016.

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