Final Minecraft Story Mode Episode Will Be Released On September 13

The final episode of Minecraft Story Mode, the attempt by Telltale Games to put a story into the sandbox building world of Minecraft, will finally be coming out on September 13. The episodic game, which began in October of last year, has had seven episodes before now, though it was originally supposed to only be five.

The game’s next three episodes, which includes this next episode, called “A Journey’s End?” included a new story and even involved a number of famous YouTubers, such as Joseph Garrett (Stampy Cat), Stacy Hinojosa (Stacy Plays), Dan Middleton (DanTDM), Lizzie (LDShadowLady), and Jordan Maron (CaptainSparklez).

Minecraft Story Mode’s ending comes a few weeks after the initial release of Telltale’s own Batman story, which will be putting out its second episode a week after Minecraft’s eighth episode is released, on September 20.

After the relative light-heartedness of Minecraft, Telltale fans that more prefer the darker direction Telltale has taken their stories in recent years may be looking for a more mature IP, especially when Batman offered a fairly notable plot twist at the end of its first episode.

Episode 8 of Minecraft Story Mode will bring in a number of well-known vocal talents to cap off the series, such as Jim Cummings (the voice of Winnie the Pooh and Darkwing Duck), and Kari Wahlgren (who plays Morty’s crush Jessica in Rick and Morty, and new Fairly Oddparents character Chloe Carmichael), both of whom are connected to the sequel trilogy episodes’ main plot: that of finding a group of Minecraft players(?) known as the Old Builders.

Either way, whether you’re a fan of the series or not, the last episode will once again be coming out on September 13, next Tuesday. After that, we’ll be saying goodbye to the Minecraft world, and Telltale can focus entirely on their Batman series.