How Villager Chests Work In Minecraft Legends

Fountains allow fast travel from one village to another and each village fountain contains a Minecraft Legends villager chest at its base ...

Villages in Minecraft Legends are very different from the ones in the original Minecraft. Each village contains a Village Fountain in its center, which acts as a main hub for that village. Fountains allow fast travel from one village to another and each village fountain contains a Minecraft Legends villager chest at its base.

Village chests act as a resource collection point for the player in Minecraft Legends. Villagers collect resources and deposit their loot into village chests to aid the player in their Minecraft Legends journey. This is a token of their appreciation towards the player for protecting the village and its inhabitants against enemy forces, piglins.

How to open Minecraft Legends Villager Chests

Villagers refill the village chests every day at sunrise, and you can collect these resources by interacting with the village chest or playing a specific song so that Allay can collect them for you. Press the interact button near the village chest when the prompt appears.

Keep pressing the button, and all the loot in the village chests will automatically be deposited into your inventory, given enough space. In case of a lack of inventory space, extra resources will return to the village chest available to collect later.

But there is one very important aspect of the game to remember. Village chests are only available if the fountain still stands in Minecraft Legends. If you damage the fountain, the village chest will not appear.

You can restore the village chest by repelling the enemy forces and fixing the fountains in the village. You should invest in increasing the defense around the village fountain.

Village chests from different villages offer various resources. The most common resources in almost all chests are wood, prismarine, and stone. But the chests in late game villages offer important Minecraft Legends resources like diamond, coal, iron, and Redstone.

You can always check the resources available in each village from the map by hovering the cursor above that village. This will save you a lot of time teleporting and checking each village’s chest individually.

During the late game in Minecraft Legends, you will gain access to a village chest which allows you to collect all the resources from every village. This is called Improved Shared Village Chest, and it needs to be crafted. Make sure to have a larger inventory before crafting the shared village chest so you can retrieve everything in one go.

Village Chests are the first source of resources in Minecraft Legends and play an important role in the game’s progress. The above-mentioned guide explains how you can access those treasure troves and save them from getting destroyed in Minecraft Legends.

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