How To Farm Lapis In Minecraft Legends

Lapis in Minecraft Legends is a resource material and plays an extremely important role. This blue gem is used to spawn your mobs using ...

Minecraft Legends Lapis is a resource material that plays an extremely important role. This blue gem is used to spawn your mobs using the Songbook. There are different types of mobs in Minecraft Legends, and each mob can be called using a certain amount of Lapis.

Early mobs require a few Lapis for their creation but the cost increases with more sophisticated and powerful mobs later in the game. Lapis is required for single-player campaigns and PvP to defeat your enemies and is very rare.

How to get Minecraft Legends Lapis Lazuli

There are several ways to farm Lapis in Minecraft Legends effectively, and we will discuss them in detail below.

Defeating Piglins in the overworld

The easiest way to farm Lapis in Minecraft Legends is to defeat Piglins in the overworld. Each Piglin has a 50% chance to drop Lapis. To defeat Piglins fast, spawn some golems and mobs before you attack them. Each mob unit costs a few Lapis, so be careful with your calculations.

Only spawn mobs if there are lots of Piglins and you are sure about recovering the amount you have spent and gaining more. Otherwise, trust your sword and thwack those foes to get some precious Lapis. Piglins get stronger at night, but their chance of dropping Lapis in Minecraft Legends increases greatly. Wait for them to attack your base and take them out with the mobs.

Search Villager chests

Village chests are located at the base of central fountains in each village. These chests are refilled by the villagers every morning. If you manage to defeat hordes of Piglins a night before to protect the village, there is a very good chance of finding a lot of Lapis from the village chest.

Even the game acknowledges the availability of Lapis in village chests in its official description. In addition to village chests in Minecraft Legends, you will encounter many treasure chests during your journey. Search these to find important resources, including Lapis.

By Building specific structures

Another way of earning Lapis is to play wave mode in Minecraft Legends. Build an improvement hub and protect it from enemy attacks. This structure will start earning you Lapis passively at a moderate rate. You can also build Lapis Flag to earn more Lapis passively.

Ensure you can take care of your Lapis Flags, as they cost 25 Lapis and 100 Prismarine each. You can follow our guide to farm many Prismarine in Minecraft Legends.

These are some of the best ways to farm Lapis in Minecraft Legends. Lapis becomes extremely rare on higher difficulties, and the chances of a player’s survival against Piglin hordes diminish alarmingly.

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