Minecraft Legends Difficulty Differences Explained

Minecraft Legends offers 4 difficulty settings you can change from the menu anytime. You can even change the difficulty level during the ...

Difficulty in video games can be a make-or-break point for many gamers. There are a total of 4 Minecraft Legends difficulty settings that you can change from the menu anytime. You can even change the difficulty level during the gameplay. This makes difficulty an easy-to-use mechanic in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends difficulty options

Below are the Minecraft Legends difficulty options and how each difficulty affects the gameplay. Keep in mind that these difficulty settings only apply to singleplayer as a multiplayer PvP match will be based on the skill level of the opposing player.


As the name implies, this difficult setting is for those who want to experience the story without the hassle of fighting enemies. The storied difficulty in Minecraft Legends is similar to the Easy mode of other games and offers little to no challenge. It reduces the number of piglets and hordes by a huge margin, decreasing their health and attack power.


This is the default difficulty option. The fabled difficulty is equivalent to the normal difficulty of other games, offering the players a moderate amount of challenge. This is the setting for newcomers to action strategy games.

It doesn’t overwhelm the players without losing their interest in combat. Early sections of Minecraft Legends are a breeze in this difficulty, and the game ramps up the difficulty gradually.


A sweet mid-point between normal and difficult, this mode is perfect for co-op in Minecraft Legends. Mythic provides a decent amount of challenge with limited resources and units. You need to plan every move before approaching enemy hordes.

Players with prior experience with action strategy games will find themselves at home in Mythic difficulty. We don’t recommend this one for new players and advise you to try it once you have completely learned Minecraft Legend’s mechanics.


As the name implies, this difficulty setting is reserved for seasoned action strategy players. Legendary difficulty setting turns the game upside down, making it impossible for players to survive enemy waves.

Resources become scarce, and unit management turns into a nightmare. We recommend this difficulty mode only on your second playthrough and for completionists. The path of legendary difficulty in Minecraft legends is difficult and full of frustrations, but this separates a legend from a storyteller.

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