Minecraft Honey Blocks Guide

Minecraft has become extremely diverse over the years with the addition of so many locations and so many new blocks. All of this has really changed how you begin your vanilla adventure in Minecraft. A recent block addition in the 1.15 update has been the Honey Block. As the name implies, it is made out of honey and has a few nifty purposes you could utilize it for which we will explain in this Minecraft Honey Blocks guide.

Minecraft Honey Blocks

Honey Blocks will slow you down, prevent you from jumping and will slow down your descent speed if you fall with them along-side. You can use these blocks to negate fall damage completely if used right.

Falling directly into a Honey Block will reduce your damage taken by 80 percent.

Thinking of the Honey Block, you might be reminded of the Slime Block, but unlike it, you cannot use the Honey Block to trampoline in the air, and you cannot make a redstone path through them.

If a Honey Bee happens to spot this block, which means if you placed your block near a hive or a bee nest, the bees will fly to your Honey Block and attach themselves.

Another important detail to be noted is that mobs avoid walking on Honey Blocks at all costs, which can make them useful for defending yourself in survival mode.

There is also another honeycomb block which is purely cosmetic with no special effects.

You can apply your creativity to it as much as you want. More blocks the better!

If a mob happens to fall in a hole with these honey blocks, they will not be able to escape due to the fact that it prevents them from jumping so that’s a good use for these honey blocks.

The Honey Block also sticks to other blocks including Slime Blocks, which means you can utilize it in your redstone circuits.

Crafting Honey Blocks
For Honey Blocks, you are going to want to get yourself Honey Bottles; four of them to be exact.

Make a 4×4 formation of these honey bottles on either side of the table to create a honey block.

Once you create the block, the empty Honey Bottles will be left in your inventory for further use.

When placed, the honey block can be broken instantly regardless of what is in your hands.

The Honey Block incorporates some new interesting features that the Slime Block otherwise lacked.

You can even go ahead and use the Honey Block to spice up your Parkour levels and add more depth to them.

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