Minecraft Gets Quantum Physics Mod Thanks to Google

Looking at how magnanimous the Minecraft world is, the possibilities of what can happen in the game are virtually boundless and Google knows it. The Google Quantum AI Lab Team has teamed up with MinecraftEdu to develop a mod that will introduce elements of Quantum Physics in Minecraft.

The “build your own game” game has been home to a number of ingenious experiments in the past too, this time it’s going to get another of its educational mods called qCraft. A post by the Google Quantum AI Lab on Google+ introduces it by saying:

It lets players experiment with quantum behaviors inside Minecraft’s world, with new blocks that exhibit quantum entanglement, superposition, and observer dependency.

“Millions of kids are spending a whole lot of hours in Minecraft, not just digging caves and fighting monsters, but building assembly lines, space shuttles, and programmable computers, all in the name of experimentation and discovery,” and that is what they are aiming to exploit.

The official website of qCraft doesn’t label it as a simulation of Quantum Physics as far as version 1 is concerned, but it will be an introductory level of education into the field and it comes with a fun element, thanks to Mojang.

You will be playing and creating your worlds and parallel to it a learning process will teach you how the “fascinating and counter-intuitive way that quantum entities interact.”

The way Google is interpreting the potential of this modpack is so much that they are saying:

where will future quantum computer scientists come from? Our best guess: Minecraft.

Check out the video above to see how it works.

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