Minecraft Dungeons Overgrown Temple Walkthrough

Our walkthrough of the Minecraft Dungeons Overgrown Temple mission, which was added in the Jungle Awakens DLC will help you complete the area with ease.

Minecraft Dungeons Overgrown Temple

To unlock the Overgrown Temple mission, you must have cleared the previous mission, Dingy Jungle. Let’s get into it.

Once you start the mission, it’s very straightforward. There is a typical linear path that you have to take, with a lot of enemies. You can choose to ignore the enemies altogether if they aren’t blocking your way forward; just dodge and run past them.

Soon you’ll reach the first Locked Gate. Here you just have to activate two Golden buttons present on both sides of the gate to unlock it. This leads into the Temple.

The Temple

Once inside, be on the lookout for hidden chests in certain areas to get that loot, but otherwise, just keep following the pointers till you reach a jewel.

Interacting with it sets you up for an ambush; all enemies spawn in the middle of the room, so use that to your advantage. Use a long-range weapon to deal with them as they appear from a safe distance.

Keep following the markers, and eventually, you will reach another locked gate, The Sun Gate.

The Sun Gate

To unlock this gate you will have to find the Gold Golem key. You can find it on the other side of the chasm.

You might also notice a large pillar at the center, though unrelated to the sun gate, it can be moved to reveal a secret entrance.

The trick to that is that on either side of it will be two statues. Just use the switches next to them to rotate them until they are both facing towards the center. This will move the pillar, and below is a maze with a lot of chests.

To get to the key, you need to activate the two switches needed to connect the bridges to let you get to the key. An ambush will await you in the room with the switches, so be prepared for that as well.

Finally, get back to the gate with the key to open it. There are two more gates, each hiding an ambush, so be prepared. After dealing with the minor enemies, get ready to deal with the boss!

The Jungle Abomination

The Jungle Abomination isn’t the toughest boss you have faced in the game, so you shouldn’t worry too much. There are two attacks you need to be wary of.

The first attack you need to watch out for is its slow attack, which deals a lot of damage over a large area in front of the Abomination. Get behind the Abomination to avoid it.

The other attack is its long-ranged tendrils attack. Watch out for when it puts its tendrils on the ground and be wary of spots on the ground where they might exit to attack you.

The last problem for you in the fight will be the Whisperers. They will keep on summoning smaller jungle mobs to attack you, so take them out first to avoid being overwhelmed.

After defeating the Abomination, follow the markers to exit the Temple and be ready for one last mob battle; defeat them and exit to complete the mission

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