Minecraft Dungeons Corrupted Cauldron Boss Guide

In this guide, we will be showing you a brief overview as to what to expect from the Minecraft Dungeons’ Corrupted Cauldron boss, and how you can overcome the obstacles it throws your ways.

Minecraft Dungeons Corrupted Cauldron Boss

Corrupted Cauldron is a boss you’ll come across early on in your Minecraft Dungeons adventure.

At first glance, it looks like the fight is going to be a breeze due to the Cauldron’s inability to move, but you will soon be surprised when you are being overrun by a large number of slimes as they attempt to take you out with their deadly projectiles.

The Corrupted Cauldron will rely heavily on its allies to protect itself. With time, the boss seems to get more and more menacing.

The longer you take with the fight, the lesser your chances of actually succeeding against the Cauldron.

Make sure to keep a bow by your side, as a melee weapon really isn’t suited for this fight. Getting too close to the Cauldron is going to result in some serious burns.


Summoning Allies
What can an enemy with low defense do? That’s right, summon in its pawns. The Cauldron will be utilizing various types of mob-types to take you out.

Initially, it will start off with summoning zombies and husks.

Things start to get real when purple slimes start roaming about. Now, believe me when I say, your entire screen is going to be covered with purple slimes, as each and every single one of these slimy bastards attempt to take you down with their annoyingly accurate projectiles.

Make sure to keep moving during the Slime phase and find cover behind the houses, in the upper left corner of the area.

Try to take the Slimes out as soon as they spawn; you don’t want them to rack up in numbers, it only becomes worse later.

Flame Barrier
Getting too close to the Cauldron will trigger a barrier of flame around it. Standing in it is going to deal damage to you over time.

While this is a risk you can take if you want to get a few melee hits in, but we’d rather you have a ranged weapon.

The fire damage along with the Slimes chipping away at your health can become increasingly overwhelming in a short amount of time.

What’s worse than a boss who can heal itself? Nothing, I say. By simply eating the allies that the Cauldron previously summoned, it can heal a small portion of its health. This will only happen if the Cauldron is close to the corpse of a killed enemy.

Don’t worry too much though, when we say a small portion, we mean it. Just keep shooting away and you won’t even notice the regeneration factor.

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