Minecraft Dungeons Best Emerald Farming Locations Guide

In Minecraft Dungeons, Emeralds are the main currency of the game. They are dropped from different monsters as loot and can also be obtained from chests. Emeralds can be used to buy different items and weapon upgrades in the game. In this Minecraft Dungeons Best Emerald Farming Locations guide, we will explain everything about Emerald farming.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Emerald Farming Locations

Emeralds can be used at your camps between missions or visit different NPC vendors. You can interact with the NPCs to purchase new items and also upgrade old ones.

When you interact with an NPC, you will be given a random piece of armor or weapon which will be suitable to your level. You cannot choose a specific item when looking for upgrades.

Also, Emeralds can be used with wandering traders. Wandering traders can be either saved during missions or found during different levels.

They will show up at your camp and provide different upgrades to your current weapons and you’ll be able to obtain them by using emeralds.

Best Emerald Farming Locations and Methods
In Minecraft Dungeons, the following are the best ways to farm emeralds.

  • Play missions at Creeper Woods, Soggy Swamp, and Pumpkin Pastures as they are easy levels and you will encounter not that tough enemies.
  • Play missions at higher tiers as at high difficulty, as it will spawn more enemies which will increase your chance of getting emerald drops.
  • Secret mission Creepy Crypt is also a good option to farm emeralds as the number of chests in this mission is very high which will increase your chance of getting the Emerald drop.
  • Make sure to find and destroy every vase and chest you can during a mission as each one of them can give you loads of emeralds.

Emerald Farming Tips and Tricks

There is no fixed method of getting emeralds in Minecraft dungeons. They are dropped from killing creepers etc. and the amount dropped is all dependent on your luck.

But following tips and tricks will maximize your chance of getting emeralds.

Use Artifacts Enchantments
As killing enemies gives you a chance of getting emeralds, so using artifacts, enchantments and weapons to boost your melee stats will result in more enemies killed, thus resulting in a greater chance of getting emerald drops.

Using Prospector enchantment and diamond pickaxe will result in faster kills and more chance of getting more emeralds in short period.

Weapon ‘The Last Laugh’ with Prospector enchantment is also a great method to maximize your chance of getting emeralds.

Look out for Kill Mobs and Chests
During missions, keep a look out for brown pots glowing green. Breaking them will award you with emeralds.

Also, you will find that certain mobs such as bosses and friendly mobs will provide you with a small handful of Emeralds upon killing them.

Salvage Unused Items
When you obtain high tier items, make sure to get rid of old extra gear and weapons as they will be taking up your inventory space.

It is highly recommended to salvage any of your unused gear for some additional Emeralds.

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