Minecraft Dungeons Best Armor Guide

In this guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about Minecraft Dungeons’ Best Armor sets to ensure you don't struggle

Armor is an integral part of your character build in Minecraft Dungeons and it’s imperative that you choose this set of equipment meticulously if you don’t want to find yourself deprived of precious loot! In this guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about Minecraft Dungeons’ Best Armor sets.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Armor

Below we have listed the best armors that we have come across in MC Dungeons so far along with their respective descriptions:

Frost Bite Armor
Bonus: +305 health
Perks: Spawns a snowy companion, +100% souls gathered, +30% ranged damage

Along with a significant boost in your health and damage from ranged weapons, this armor provides you with an extra pair of hands in the form of a snowy companion who can help you in your fights and more importantly, in knocking down hordes of enemies.

Lastly, the improvement in soul-gathering ability means you can use your Artifacts more often.

Fox Armor
Bonus: +38 health
Perks: 30% chance to negate hits, +20% weapon damage boost aura, Health potions heal nearby allies

If you believe in synergy, then this is the armor that you should choose! Amongst other things that this unique armor has to offer, you emit an aura that boosts weapon damage of your squadmates.

Moreover, when you use health potions, your nearby allies get healed as well.

Highland Armor
Bonus: +158 health
Perks: Gains speed after dodge, 35% damage reduction, +30% melee damage

In case you are interested in close range battles, then this is probably the best armor choice you’ve got.

With an impressive boost in melee damage, you can face and hit your foes by rushing while at the same time, dodging their attacks in response since this armor allows you to gain speed once you dodge an attack made on you.

Archer’s Armor
Bonus: +224 health
Perks: +15% movespeed aura, +10 arrows per bundle, +30% ranged damage

This armor suits you if you are looking to opt for a ranged battle strategy. Apart from additional arrows and a pretty decent buff in health that this armor grants you with, you and your allies get improved ranged damage and movement speed.

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