Minecraft Candy Texture Pack DLC Goes Live, Price & Screenshots Inside

Although the Minecraft Candy Texture Pack DLC was supposed to be released tomorrow; it has somehow been released a day earlier for the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

The pack was originally planned to be released alongside the Minecraft Title Update 16.

Tomorrow or today, the pack has been perfectly timed for Easter and is a much welcome addition of colors to the game along with a touch of the sweets. Some of the items brought forth by the new DLC are confectionary items like brightly colored blocks, chef villagers, piñata mobs and other sugar dipped material.

Not sure if you are interested in getting the Minecraft Candy Texture Pack DLC? We also have at least 10 new screenshots of the content that the sweet themed DLC is going to bring to you. Check them out below, they might actually help you decide.

It was along with those screenshots that Microsoft provided the official description of the downloadable content pack. It is just a single lined sentence, but it’s full of sugar:

“Indulge your sweet tooth with this sugar-coated texture pack!”

The pack is currently available for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. If you are planning to get it now, you can go here and if you are in the United States or click here for the Great Britain website for Xbox Marketplace.

Do you plan to get the new Minecraft DLC? The Candy Texture Pack sure look sweet and the $1 price tag isn’t much, don’t you think?

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