Spider-Man: Miles Morales Harlem Trains Out of Service Walkthrough

To help you out with completing the Harlem Trains Out of Service mission in Spider-Man Miles Morales, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll walk you through the entire mission step by step.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Harlem Trains Out of Service

Harlem Trains Out of Service is one of the earlier missions you will come across in Spider-Man Miles Morales. Completing the mission will grant you 3,500 XP.

Head to the Train Stop
Swing from your apartment’s rooftop towards the marked location, which is a train stop. When you get near this train stop, a cutscene will trigger.

In this cutscene, the operator at the train stop (Uncle Aaron) will ask you for your help with fixing the relay sensors.

After the cutscene ends, swing your way towards the marked location. You’ll find the relay on top of a rooftop at this location.

When you scan the cable attached to the relay with the red light, it’ll show you that this strange cable is coming from inside a room on this rooftop.

Yank open the door to this room and then beat up the Underground standing inside.

Disable the jamming device by interacting with the computer inside this room.

After he disables the jamming device, Miles will also grab a Tech Token from the crate adjacent to the computer.

These Tech Tokens can be found all around New York.

They can be used to unlock new mods, gadgets and even new suits. Right now, you can use it to craft the Holo-Drone gadget.

Fight the Underground Enemies
After you craft the Holo-Drone gadget and exit the room, you’ll get attacked by a group of Underground thugs, which is pretty fortunate as it gives you the opportunity to test out your new gadget.

Pull up your Gadget Select menu and select the Holo-Drone.

While your Holo-Drone is distracting the enemies, quickly disarm the Underground that are using the assault rifles.

Once you’ve gotten rid of them, you won’t have any problem taking out the rest of the enemies.

Investigate the Rail Yard
After you defeat all of the Underground, you’ll get a call from Uncle Aaron and he’ll tell you that some more suspicious activity seems to be happening at a rail yard in Hell’s Kitchen.

After the call ends, make your way towards the marked location. Remember to grab all the Tech Tokens that you see on your way there.

You’ll encounter more Underground when you arrive at the rail yard.

The Underground won’t spot you when you get there, so you’ll get the opportunity to take them out with a bit more stealth.

When you highlight an enemy, an indicator will pop up, which will let you know if you can take that enemy out silently without someone else noticing.

For the enemies that are grouped together, you can shoot some webs at an object near them to create a distraction.

This will make them split up, allowing you to take them out one by one.

Before you do anything though, makes sure to mark all the enemies by holding L2.

The best way to go about clearing up this area is to start from the enemies that are on the highest ground, and then work your way downwards.

Your initial target should be the one standing on the balcony.

Then, go for the one that’s near the generator in the corner.

After he’s taken out, wait for the two enemies under the balcony to split up, and then take them out individually.

You can then move on to the grouped-up enemies standing by the trains.

They’ll start to get suspicious because their friends will be nowhere to be seen.

Because of this, they’ll begin splitting up and you’ll be able to take them out easily.

Get the Trains Up and Running
Once you’ve taken out all the enemies in the area, enter the office through the door on the balcony.

A cutscene will play here, where you’ll find out that somebody has messed up the train controls.

Your job now is to rotate the turntables to get the trains back on their tracks.

Jump on top of the building and yank on the train in the center until it’s aligned with the rail access tunnel. Then, stand in front of it and pull on it to move it into the tunnel.

The second train you need to work on is the one that’s up in the air.

Zip up on top of this train and pull on the gear to lower it down to the track. When the train is on the track, shoot more webs on the gear to fix it in place.

The final train you need to get on track is the one that’s to the left of the tunnel.

Rotate the turntable and pull the train onto it, then rotate it again so all three trains are lined up.

After you’re done with that, use your Venom Punch on the generator to charge it up. Once it charged up, you’ll need to tether it to the trains.

Aim at the generator by holding L2 and then press R1 while aiming at the relay next to it to tether them together.

Disarm the Bombs at the East Harlem Station
After you get the trains back up and running, you’ll get a call from Uncle Aaron and he’ll tell you that he has a gift for you.

Return back to the East Harlem Station (the place where this mission started from).

When you’re about to reach the station, you’ll get another call from Uncle Aaron.

He’ll inform you that the Underground weren’t a fan of how you fixed things, and are setting up bombs on the train tracks to retaliate.

When you arrive at the train stop, you’ll encounter a bunch of Underground there, standing near the first bomb.

The bomb will explode in 60 seconds. After taking out a few of the Underground, toss the bomb in the air and then web it up to make it explode in the air.

Then, quickly eliminate all the Underground and then move onto the next bomb.

Do the exact same thing with this bomb and then move on to the two bombs right under you.

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the bombs, eliminate any remaining Underground to finish off this mission.

For completing this Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app mission, you’ll be rewarded with several Activity Tokens.

Make sure to craft some mods or a new suit before moving on to the next main mission.