Game Gifting Feature Coming Soon On Xbox Store According To Mike Ybarra

The Xbox Store is getting some new features according to Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra. As he stated in a tweet today, Game Gifting is now available on Xbox One and you will be able to gift digital codes to your friends either by Xbox Name or E-mail. This feature will be available for digital codes and will also include DLC’s.

Ybarra also included some screenshots of how the Game Gifting feature works. Starting today, you will be able to see a “Buy as a gift” option when you browse any game on Xbox Store. After that, you will be forwarded to a page where you will choose to whom your gift will be sent. Your friend will now be able to see a pop-up screen with the gifting message from Xbox Live that includes the game (or DLC) key you chose.

Ybarra also hinted that more new features are coming soon to Xbox Store, some of which are already teased. In the latest  Xbox One Fall update, Microsoft focused on the User Interface of its platform. Microsoft is focusing now on navigation speed, convenient user interface, and customizable options.

With the biggest change in this Xbox One Fall update being the revamp of the Home Screen, Microsoft is trying to make the console’s interface more versatile for Xbox One X. Also, features like Friend Activities, Leaderboards, and group messages are going to show up at the top of the Home Screen. You can now also choose between different themes for the Dashboard.

This update rolled out just a week ago, despite being in beta for quite some time now. If Mike Ybarra’s statements are to be believed then we will see more changes coming to Xbox Store soon, probably just in time for Xbox One X’s release on November 7th.

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