How to Get Game Tickets in Miitopia

This guide will help you figure out how to get Game Tickets in Miitopia and where exactly you will be able to use this currency in-game. We will also be talking about the arcade and its minigames that are available to you in with Game Tickets in Miitopia.

How to Get Game Tickets in Miitopia

Farming Tickets in Miitopia Nintendo Switch are very important as they can be used to play minigames at the arcade, and those minigames can provide you with decent rewards like new gear, consumable items, and even Gold.

So, learning how to earn Game Tickets is essential if you want to earn decent rewards relatively easily. We will be telling you the easiest ways to farm Tickets in Miitopia.

Using the Amiibo Feature
By far, the easiest way to earn loads of Game Tickets in Miitopia is by using the Amiibo scan feature. You can earn hundreds of Game Tickets without much effort.

Every time you scan an Amiibo, you get 3 Game Tickets. If you scan all of the Amiibo in the game, you can have hundreds of tickets.

The only thing you need to do to unlock the Amiibo scan feature is to look for the Nintendo Fan in the first region of the game. This NPC can be easily spotted as they wear Nintendo-themed costumes and are also marked on the overworld map.

Quizmaster and Other Methods
There are other ways of earning Game Tickets as well, and one of them is by visiting the Quizmasters. You can participate in their minigames, and if you win, they might award you with Game Tickets or other items.

You can also find Tickets within treasure chests scattered across the map of Miitopia in Nintendo Switch. Game Tickets can also be found from quest dungeons and as quest rewards.

There are plenty of ways to obtain this special currency, so you will not face any issues in that regard. Now let’s talk about where and how you can use these Game Tickets once you have them.


At the inn, you can go to the arcade and play minigames. These minigames use Game Tickets as their currency, so now you know where to spend all of those farmed Game Tickets. The arcade in Miitopia has 2 minigames, and we will be talking about both of them briefly.

Roulette is a minigame where you spin a wheel of different colored sections, and each section has a different category of prizes. There are 4 color sections on the wheel, and the odds and prizes for each wheel change every time you sleep at the inn.

So, if you are not satisfied with the odds and prizes presented to you, simply sleep and try again. Each wheel spin will cost you 1 Game Ticket, and each color section offers different kinds of rewards. The color sections and their possible rewards are mentioned in the table below:

Color Section Possible Prizes
Yellow Prize Clothing, Weapons, 10 HP Bananas, and Ragged Clothing
Blue Prize Experience, Grub
Gar Prize 1 HP Banana or MP Candy
Orange Prize Jolly Jaunt Tickets (Fancy, Budget, or Luxury)

Rock, Paper, Scissors
This is a simple game of rock, paper, scissors. You have to pay 1 Game Ticket to play 1 round against the computer, and if you win, you can go for a “double or nothing” bet. Players can win a maximum of 5 times in a row before their rewards reset.

This game is highly dependent on luck, so it is less advisable if you are looking to farm rewards from minigames. Because you will not get anything if you lose, and it is only worthwhile if you win 5 times in a row.

Now that you know the way to get Game Tickets in Miitopia and where to spend them, farming equipment through minigames has become an option for you.

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