Miitopia Character Personalities Guide

Miitopia is a unique roleplaying game because it makes you choose how your party members differ in appearance and how they react in certain situations based on their personalities. In this guide, we will learn about all the personalities in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch and let you know which one might be the most appropriate for a given scenario.

Miitopia Character Personalities

The 7 personality types in Miitopia will affect your gameplay differently depending on the combination of personality types your party members have and the type of interactions and relationships they form.

The 7 personality types are:

Before we move onto the Personality Types, let’s look at the affection and resentment mechanics.

Mii Affection and Resentment

The personality type will determine the relationship between a Mii and other party members. These manifest in Affection and Resentment stats. Generally, positive actions will result in an increase in affection, while a  negative one will increase Resentment.

Increased affection brings more buffs and positive side effects, while increased Resentment results in disagreements and loss of harmony in battle.

Now let’s look into each personality type in more detail.


As the personality type suggests, Kind Miis are very considerate of their party members and always put them before themselves. They also happen to ‘’Spare’’ the monsters in battle and let them leave. However, if such Miis fail to do so, they will get attacked, increasing overall Resentment.

Kind Miis will also come in the way of incoming attacks to defend other party members using ‘’Cover’’ action, which will increase affection stat. These Miis are also kind enough to ‘’Donate’’ their HP Bananas or MP candies to other members in need. Finally, kind Miis also try to resolve conflicts.


These are full of hyper energy and don’t get tired easily. Because of their hyper nature, they hurt themselves when they ”Charge” at enemies and get more damage from enemies. They also hype up the party members and increase their MP to help them perform tasks.

These Miis also tend to take more damage, and they don’t faint upon being hit. When the monsters hit them, their HP drops to 1 instead of 0 for this to happen. ‘’ Hang On’’ action is used.

”Cheer” action allows the Mii to motivate the other Mii having incomplete MP! As a result, the cheered-up Mii performs the task and the relationship between the two becomes better.

Laid Back

These Miis avoid fights and ‘’Hide’’ behind another party member whenever they are attacked. As a result of this, the party member takes the hit, which results in a Resentment effect. These Miis also Steal HP bananas or MP candies from other party members if they need them, which results in quarrels using the ” Cadge” action.

The ‘’Get Serious’’ action, sometimes these Miis do as much as they can against the enemies if the other Miis are helping it, so they also use more HP and MP than usual. Alternatively, they may choose not to emphasize fighting the monsters, and hence they use only half MP, which results in half damage if you use the ‘’Slack off’’ action.

The best feature of such Miis is that they can completely nullify a monster’s effect by merely just ignoring it, using ‘’Nah’’. When they are not interested, the monster can’t put a status effect on it. These Miis also randomly dig into the ground in search of treasure when they are not fighting, but they give up in the first attempt if they fail.


Using ‘’Pressure Point’’ action in the battle, the cool Miis can sometimes target their attacks at enemys’ weak points resulting in more damage per attack! They can also dodge the monster’s physical attacks and take no damage at all if you use ‘’Avoid’’.

Laidback party members usually hide behind Cool Miis, but the Cool Mii can choose not to be helpful and refuse to give cover when the party member is under attack if you use ‘’Shant’’. Just like Laidback Miis, the Cool Mii can use the ‘’Indifference’’ action to nullify the status effects of monsters.

Cool Miis also give up on the digging attempt if they can’t find the treasure the first time.


In battle, actions that Miis use include ‘’Patience’’ which allows them to anticipate the enemy’s attack, which results in half damage taken. These Miis are more like perfectionists and will use ‘’ Again’’ action to attack the enemy again if they’re not satisfied with the first attack.

‘’Bluff’’ action, when used by Stubborn Mii, results in refusal of assistance from another Mii in battle, which results in Resentment towards the Stubborn Mii.

Stubborn Miis never give up on digging if they want to find treasures, no matter how many times they fail. They also discard any bottles with an unknown liquid in them.

Air Headed

These Miis usually just don’t care about what is happening around them and live their own fantasy world.

‘’Oops!’’ in battle action results in the Mii damaging a random enemy, but the benefit is that the damage dealt is 15x and the enemy’s guard is lowered. ‘’Frolic’’ action allows the Mii to make friends with the monster and they just roam around. Resultantly, the Mii helps the members.

‘’Sleepyhead’’ Action lets Mii sleep and regain health instead of fighting when it is its turn.


These Miis make very thoughtful decisions, and they are the most nervous of the personality types. The’’ Finisher’’ battle action is the one that results in a very calculated finishing attack on the monster.

‘’Warm-Up’’ action lets the Mii warm up before actually attacking when it is their turn. When this action is used, the damage dealt is twice.

The ‘’Prepped and Ready’’ action keeps the Mii always ready for whatever situation, especially if they need a snack; They can pull it out of anywhere.

As they are cautious, they don’t take any chance to drink from a bottle with an unknown liquid in them.

Which personality to Use?

Even after knowing all that it can be hard to decide which of the personalities available in Miitopia is best for your party. Here is a quick guide for what combos best with a class or what aspect of gameplay in general.

Kind: Works best with classes like Clerics, Popstar and Chef as these focus on being kind and even donate HP and MP

Energetic: Warriors are good with this personality as they are aggressive and focus on fighting. Make sure to use HP boosting food to counter the damage taken with Charge action.

Laidback: Thief should have Laidback personalities as they are good stealers and they do need more than usual to consume. They will steal from enemies quite well.

Cool: Works wonders with Warrior, especially if you use Pressure Point action

Stubborn: Once again, use this with attack classes so they can attack twice and block attacks

Air Headed: There isn’t really a recommended class to use with this as they are not very useless if they are sleepy and don’t care about battle.

Cautious: Support and attack classes will work well with this personality, especially the finisher action that eliminates the enemy with one move!