Miitopia Armor and Weapons Guide

In Militopia there are certain weapons and armor for every class there is in the game. They help increase different stats and party members can request weapons and armor from you. In this Miitopia Armor and Weapons Guide, we’ll be showing you how you can get your hands on some fresh new equipment.

Miitopia Armor and Weapons

The most common place for getting new items is from the Inn in Miitopia. After you finish a run in any node you’ll end up in an inn and you can spend gold to buy Miitopia armor and weapons here. Choose the ‘Spend Gold’ option, and all of the Miis start thinking, anyone with a weapon or armor in their think bubble, wants a new piece of armor.

Talking to them and sending them to try and get it will probably net them with a new piece. If they can’t buy the item they were going for though, then they’ll just buy a consumable item.

You can also try playing Roulette in the arcade to try and win exciting new weapons, armor, and costumes that you can later sell off if you want.

Equipping the Different Classes in Miitopia

So, each type of weapon and clothing in Miitopia and the respective classes that use them are as follows:

  • Warriors wear Armor, and wield swords
  • Mages wear Robes, and wield wands.
  • Clerics wear Vestments, and wield staves
  • Thieves wear Gear, and wield dagger
  • Male Pop Stars wear Threads, while Female Pop Stars wear Outfits, and wield microphones
  • Chefs wear Uniforms, and wield frying pans
  • Cats wear Cat Suits, and wield claws
  • Imps wear Costumes, and wield spears
  • Scientists wear Lab Gear, and wield flasks
  • Tanks wear Tanks, and wield shells
  • Princesses wear Gowns, and wield fans
  • Flowers wear Flowers, and wield leaves
  • Vampires wear Suits, and wield Bats
  • Elves wear Raiments, and wield Bows

General Trivia
To obtain the Legendary equipment, at least one of the inn members’ level must be 50, which is the max in the game. A workaround to getting the items is by recruiting level 50 travelers from Travelers’ Hub.

A female wearing macho armor will get a matching veiny bra. All ragged clothing items are Roulette-only and purely cosmetic, they also lower all stats to 1 point below the starting equipment, wearing any other equipment at the Roulette requires the use of Game Tickets, obtaining all the ragged clothes is necessary for 100% completion.

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