Mighty Switch Force 3 Teased by Developer WayForward

While the original game in the Mighty Switch Force series was received a little better than the sequel, how well do you think the third game in the series will go?

WayForward Technologies, the game developers and publishers for the series seem to have the project in the pipeline as we speak. The official Twitter profile of the developers tweeted out two not so obscured hints at Mighty Switch Force 3.

The first tweet made by them read “Academy enrollment opens soon” which was accompanied by a Mighty Switch Force hashtag and an image of a young Patricia Wagon, the protagonist.

Then they tweeted out another image which shows a student card of Wagon reading “it’s back to school time for Cadet Wagon” while the card showed details. For instance, they mention the Tangent City Academy under the facility she is in. It also lists her “composition” as “Cybernetic.”

So far they have only shared what we have told you but we are hoping Way Forward’s way forward is going to be with some substantial details regarding Mighty Switch Force 3.

Both the previous games were released to Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS with the first one also getting a Microsoft Windows port two months ago.

I hope the developers will show some love to other consoles too with Mighty Switch Force 3.

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