Might & Magic X: Legacy Update Adds Four New Classes

A new update for Might & Magic X: Legacy introduces four new classes to the game: Druid, Mercenary, Scout and Shaman. The patch also features an item comparator for ease of reference and adds day/night cycles to the game.

A host of other enhancements have also been made across the board. For a full list of changes, check out the patch notes at the OpenDev blog on the official website.

Most changes are actually based on user feedback, as the latest Might and Magic game is currently in ‘open development’. A relatively new term, open development is more akin to internal alpha tests where developers implement different gameplay elements and then decide if they have a place in a game’s design based on user feedback.

It’s a much more time-consuming, iterative approach than testing the game internally, but it helps to gauge user interest as fans are made a part of a game’s design process. SOE plans on doing the same with its upcoming MMORPG, Everquest Next.

There are very few game franchises that have been around for as long as the Might and Magic games. One of the earliest RPGs to let you explore its world visually, the franchise has since evolved, spawning countless spin-offs that have gone on to be franchises of their own with their own unique gameplay.

The core games, however, in the Might and Magic universe have always stuck to their roots, and fans of the series would be happy to know that the latest, ‘Might & Magic X: Legacy’, is no exception.

Legacy carries on with Might and Magic’s traditional first-person, role-playing gameplay, taking elements; such as the skill system from VI and VII, that are commonplace in the series, refining whatever has room for improvement.

Might & Magic X: Legacy is slated for an early 2014 release. You can head on over to the game’s website if you’re interested in joining Legacy’s open development.

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