Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians Guide – Leveling Up, Evolution, Glyphs, Understanding Elements (Tips And Tricks)

Step into the world of the latest RPG by Ubisoft which has you embark on a journey to fight beasts and battle other players. Our Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians Guide will help you build some strategies and tactics to get a better understanding of the mechanisms at play in this deep RPG.

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians Guide

The game has two modes, namely a story mode and a PVP arena mode. The former has three levels of difficulties: Normal, Advanced, and Nightmare. Obviously, the rewards are highest in the last Level of difficulty but so is the ruthless AI, especially bosses. In the story mode, you complete objectives and go from Floating Islands to Wastelands defeating dragons at the end of each stage.

Once you’re done with the whole story mode on the normal difficulty, you get tickets which you can redeem for XP and rewards. The game completion also helps you unlock the more difficult modes: advanced and nightmare. Without much delay, you’ll want to head into the interesting PVP mode.

This mode will put your team of four against some other person’s team from around the globe. Here, you need to consider many differences like the elemental advantage and the relative rarity of the creatures being used, 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star and so on.

Leveling Up to Increase Stars

In order to increase the star Level of your creature, which is 2 stars initially, you need to power up and Level up your creature. This can be done by earning XP from playing the story mode on all difficulties and drinking potions. Once you max out on your characters Level i.e. 20, you can promote it to a higher starred level.

This is not all since you need to sacrifice some same starred creatures as well in order to promote another one to a higher level. You can obtain creatures in the game, of 2 stars, by using soul stones or seal coins (from the daily rewards). Alternatively, Epic Fragments can be obtained by playing the game on advanced or nightmare difficulty.

If you have either of the Epic fragment (50 in total) or soul stones, you can summon a 2-star creature and have it sacrificed to promote a beast of your choice to 3 stars. To do this, simply head to the summoning altar and use the soul stone there.

This increases their stats when it comes to power, defense, and mobility. Therefore, you get a better chance to deal with enemies both on higher difficulty story levels and other players in the PVP mode.

Elemental Differences

Each creature in the game has one elemental make up on them. The four elements work like: Water > Fire > Earth > Air > Water and so on. This has to be kept in mind when assembling a team for any wave of enemies. You can, thankfully, check the stats and elements of the enemies before the actual battle.

For the purpose, it’s best to have the four creatures of your team all having a different elemental nature so you can cover any sort of threats. So if a Fire elemental enemy faces you, proceed to pit against it a Water elemental creature from your team for advantage.

Skill Up to Evolve

You can increase the capability of each unique skill that comes with each creature. To do this, you’ll first require a magic book and skill material. The former is easy to obtain and can be done through daily challenges or by purchasing it from the shop via reputation points.

For skill materials though, you need to play through the Elemental tower in Dragonmist Islands.

Evolving a character leads to the creature have a new appearance and a boost to its stats. For this process, you need a magic book and an evolving material. You can get the evolving material required for the specific creature you want to evolve in the Tower House located in Dragonmist Islands.

Glyphs and how they Function

These are special stones that you can equip to your characters in order to boost their stats and make them more powerful. These come in various rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. You can get these by playing through the Glyph Dungeon in Dragonmist Islands. The attributes associated with each Glyph are listed below:

  • Vitality to boost HP
  • Defense to have a higher chance of blocking and absorbing hits.
  • Haste to increase mobility or speed.
  • Precision to boost accuracy of spells and attacks.
  • Frenzy and Destruction which leads to a higher chance of critical hit.
  • Strength to increase the damage output of the attacks.
  • Endurance to boost resistance against the various effects like poison, fire, bleed etc.

The most bonuses come in the case when you choose to equip a creature with all three of the same type of Glyphs e.g. equipping three Vitality Glyphs will increase the HP of the creature by 14%.

Main Mechanics in Battle

It is most important to have a unit that can apply healing or regeneration effects to its teammates. This is because, automatic healing doesn’t exist between waves, so it can be kind of harsh dealing with multiple enemies and taking much damage without every replenishing your HP.

For damage potential, we recommend you to go with creatures who can apply the poison effect. This deals incredible damage per second to enemies and can quickly change the tide of battles. A creature like Basilisk will deal massive poison damage.

When you’re about to activate a spell or ability against an enemy, be sure to look out for the icon above their heads. If the color is yellow or green, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, a red icon will indicate that the attack will ineffective against the target.

Daily Rewards and Freebies
Once you’ve logged in, you can tap on several places on the main screen to get soul stones, crystals and more. Additionally, you can carry out the daily challenges to get potions for Energy, for leveling up and seal coins. Lastly, completing the achievements will help you earn a lot of experience points and therefore, you can spend some on leveling up your creatures.

This is all we have in our Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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