Middle-earth: Shadow of War Zog the Eternal Boss Guide

In this Middle-earth: Shadow of War Zog the Eternal Boss Fight Guide, we will guide you on how to defeat the Zog the Eternal Boss. This Zog the Eternal Boss Fight guide is written in a way to help you easily understand the strengths and weakness of this boss leading you to dominate the boss battle with ease.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Zog the Eternal

The battle with Zog the Eternal is one of the most tedious ones that you will have in Middle-earth. The first phase of the battle sees you fighting some dead captains and acolytes while trying to activate totems scattered around the arena. The dead captains are those who you have killed before and they seem to be back for revenge.

This part can get very frustrating so your best bet is that you ignore all attacking enemies and you jump straight to activating the totems.

You will need to rush the game here. Simply run to a totem, surprise the enemies surrounding the totem and start activating them as soon as you get near it.

You will be required to quickly initiate this process otherwise the enemies will start attacking you and it will interrupt the purification process.

Complete the purification of all totems to move to the second phase of the battle. Purifying all totems will cause the undead captains and acolytes to finally vanish. Once they are down, you will come across Zog the Eternal.

For this phase of the battle, you must have a bodyguard with a fire weapon. Zog is weak against fire so your best bet of defeating him easily is using fire against him.

You must also ensure that you have Shadow Strike ability before you start this mission because this will make the mission very easy for you. Using Shadow Strike will dazzle him and it will give you an opportunity to strike him with your ground execution move.

You can follow this method for a few hits before he is down. Sometimes, if you miss the opportunity and he is back at his feet, you will be required to counter his attacks with on-screen prompts.

You can use either of these two methods to take Zog the Eternal down. Shadow Strike is super effective against Zog if you have no way to deal fire damage to him.

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