Middle-earth: Shadow of War True Ending Guide

This Middle-earth: Shadow of War Walkthrough will help you with the game’s true ending and will guide you on how to get to it.

Shadow of War is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Shadow of Mordor and the game not only takes the best parts of its predecessor but also improves them and adds another level of complexity of the game’s Nemesis system.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War True Ending

Completing this mission is required if you want to see the try ending for Middle-earth: Shadow of War Shadow. Players need to complete all Seige Quests which will take and it will take a lot of time and it won’t be easy.

The Shadow Wars

For this mission, players need to defend all of their fortresses when they come under attack by Orcs. There are 10 stages of Siege defense.

  • Cirith Ungol
  • Núrnen
  • Seregost
  • Gorgoroth
  • Cirith Ungol and Núrnen
  • Seregost and Gorgoroth
  • Núrnen and Seregost
  • Núrnen, Cirith Ungol, and Gorgoroth
  • Cirith Ungol, Seregost, and Gorgoroth
  • All four

Following each successful defense, the Orcs will become more aggressive and multiple fortresses will come under attack at the same time.

Completing this mission will take you around 6 hours. Also, payers will reach level 60 automatically during act 4 and to be successful players need to eliminate the Assault Leader.

We would recommend to invest in your fortress defenses and also, consider adding some Assault Leaders and Captains to your defense which will greatly help you.

Once all the siege defenses are done, you’ll be rewarded with a “many years later” cutscene will play which will be the game’s true ending. You can continue exploring the world and taking part in online conquests.

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