Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Skills Guide

There are six different skill categories that will be available to you. There are a lot of skills in these categories and getting to know each of them individually can be quite a time-consuming task. This Middle-earth: Shadow of War Skills Guide tells you about each and every one of the skills that are available to you, and how to best utilize them.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Skills

Combat Skills

Allows you to execute enemy when your Might is full. You can upgrade it to Secret Might for +1 might for every undetected kill, Grim Resolve for +1 Might every time you take damage in combat or Fatal Might that makes you gain might much quicker after a successful sword strike.

Perfect Counter
Melee attacks have a chance of critically striking. Upgrades to Fatal Counter that allows you to instantly kill enemy grunts, Mighty Reversal that gives you +1 Might from each counter or Rain of Arrows which replenishes one elf shot for well-timed counters.

Critical Strike
Melee attacks deal extra damage. Upgrades to Unstoppable that increases chance of critically striking if hitstreak is above 20, reprisal that increases crit chance when health decreases or Elven precision that increases crit chance when you use Strike as your Strike.

Ground Finisher
Decreases the amount of time to perform ground executions. Upgrades to Wraith Shield that makes you counter enemies while completing a ground execution or ground drain that drains enemies who have been knocked down.

Brutal Aggression
Might can be double charged to enable Brutal Executions – they make nearby enemies flee in terror. Upgrades to Ceaseless Might which make skills that require Might no longer completely deplete it.

Time your Last Chance success splendidly to in a flash kills the foe trying to kill you. Doesn’t take a shot at Captains, Graugs, or Drakes. Upgrades up to Burst of Might which provides full might on an ideal Last Chance.

Predator Skills

Elven Agility
Gives you a burst of speed when you leap over objects, climb or land. Upgrades to Spectral Dash which allows you to cross short distances instantaneously when in stealth or silent runner which silences your sprint.

Makes you perform stealth kills that make enemies flee in terror and grants you Might and Hitstreak. Upgrades to Reckless Hate which causes more enemies to flee or Unyielding Ferocity that gives you bonus might and hitstreak.

Poison Tendril
Allows you to poison a grog barrel from afar. Upgrades to Contagion that makes enemies who drink the grog go berserk and spread the poison or Bursting Toxin that makes grunts who drink the grog explode and damage enemies nearby.

Wraith Chain
Allows you to target an additional enemy during a stealth kill. Upgrades to Shadow Blade that eliminates the focus cost for the first target or Monster Hunter that allows you to use stealth kills against beasts.

Deadly Spectre
You can use attract to leave a Wraith behind which will kill your target. Upgrades to Spirit Drain that makes your Wraith drain the target or Terrifying Presence that makes your Wraith brutalize the target.

Death Threat
Sends a message to a specified captain informing him you are coming, allows you to collect higher quality gear after killing that enemy. Upgrades to Worse than Death which reduces the level of your target and makes them deranged or Vow of Violence which gives you a bonus objective with additional rewards.

Ranged Skills

Makes you Shadow Strike into a firepit that detonates it and lights nearby enemies on fire. Upgrades to Spider Song that causes spiders to swarm the detonated area, Bursting Arrow that allows you to shoot firepits instead of Shadow Striking them and Matron’s Scent which causes ghouls to swarm the detonated area.

Freeze Pin
An enemy will freeze in its place if you shoot them in the foot. Upgrades to Savage Ice that affects Olog-hai and beasts, Deep Freeze that doubles the freeze duration or Brutal Cold which causes nearby enemies to flee in terror.

Bird of Prey
Slows down time while you are in the air. Upgrades to Talon Strike that allows you to shoot at the ground with a damaging blast that stuns nearby enemies or Eagle Sight which consumes focus at a slower rate.

Mighty Shot
You can fire an explosive shot when your Might is full. Upgrades to Freeze Blast that causes a frost explosion, Firestorm that causes a fiery explosion or Venom that causes a poison explosion.

Shadow Strike
Quickly arrive at an enemy by focusing on them and pressing Left Trigger and Attack to kill them or Left Trigger and Counter to Stun them. Devours Elf-shot. Upgrades to Chain of Shadows which helps to chain more enemies. Shadow Strike Pull a focused on the foe and murder or stun it. Shadow Dominate helps to reach the enemies quickly and dominate them.

Wraith Skills

Brace of Daggers
You can quickdraw to throw a dagger that can damage and stagger enemies, upgrades to Serrated Edge that allows you to critically strike, Swift Barrage that throws three daggers rapidly, and Rain of Blades that throws five daggers and can hit multiple enemies.

Elven Light
Unleashes a blast which stuns and blinds enemies if your Might is full. Upgrades to Winter’s Breath that freezes enemies, Cleansing Blaze that sets enemies on fire, and Poison Blast that poisons enemies.

Ice Storm
This ability freezes enemies and then follows up with a flurry of sword strikes. Upgrades to Frostbite that causes a critical strike, Shower of Ice that freezes enemies in an area front of you or Shattering Blow that shatters your target and makes nearby enemies run away in terror.

Allows you to drain an enemy very quickly if your Might is full. Upgrades to Lord of Wrath that makes consume increase wrath, Olog Lord that makes Consume work against Ologs and Chain of Souls that allows you to drain additional targets while using Consume at the cost of Focus.

Treasure Hunter
You automatically collect loot from fallen enemies. Upgrades to Mind Breaker that increases domination speed and Prospector that increases your chances of receiving higher quality gems from defeated enemies.

Mounted Skills

Caragor Rider
Allows you to dominate and ride a Broken Caragor. Upgrades to Bestial Rage that makes you perform an execution to summon additional Caragor or Pounce that restores your Caragor’s health if you devour enemies while in stealth.

Graug Rider
Allows you to dominate and ride a Broken Graug. Upgrades to Enduring Fury that gives your basic attacks the chance to gain more might or Devouring Force that makes Graug Executions restore your Graug’s health.

Call Mount
Allows you to summon a Dominated Caragor. Upgrades to Graug Call that makes you summon a Graug, Dragon Song that makes you summon a drake or Dire Caragor which makes you summon a Dire Caragor.

Shadow Mount
Allows you to instantly mount a Broken Caragor, Graug or drake with Shadow Strike. Upgrades to packmaster which dominates other Caragors nearby when you Shadow mount a broken Caragor or Caragor Breaker which allows you to Shadow Mount unbroken Caragors.

Dragon Rider
Allows you ride a broken Drake. Upgrades to Scales of iron that increases the resistance of your Drake or Soaring Rage that allows your drake to shoot fireballs without having full Might.

Best Skills

  • Perfect Counter + Fatal Counter
  • Ground Finisher + Wraith Shield
  • Retaliation + Adamant
  • Wraith Chain + Shadow Blade
  • Deadly Spectre + Spirit Drain
  • Shadow Strike + Chain of Shadows
  • Consume + Olog Lord
  • Treasure Hunter + Mind Breaker

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