Middle-earth: Shadow of War Shadows of the Past Missions Guide

In Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Shadows of the Past missions are a great addition to the new Middle-earth. They are small missions which are optional, and in this guide we will tell you how to complete them.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Shadows of the Past Missions

You can complete them for experience, skill points and extra equipment. This Shadows of the Past Missions Walkthrough gives you a basic overview on how to complete each of those missions in case you are stuck on a particularly challenging one.

You need to kill Uruks without taking any hits yourself. There are groups of Uruks which are near explosive barrels and cliffs. You need to unlock the skills known as AOE Might attacks, shadow strike and counters that can kill.

Take out any Uruks that you see near the explosive barrels. Alternatively, you can use stealth chain attacks on enemies which are away from barrels and counters if you engage in fights with them. You do not have to remain in stealth but rather just make sure that you do not take a hit.

You fly a drake during this mission. You have to stop beast riders as they try to reach the inner keep. You can also release three other drakes within the area which are being held captive.

Prioritize killing the beasts in the area and use the flame breath along with fire balls to stop them from flying around. Make sure to burn all enemies as they can still walk to the keep when their mounts are destroyed.

You need to make your enemies kill each other in this mission, for this reason it is essential for you to have the dominate skill in your arsenal. You need to dominate enemies with combat domination using your might if you are aiming for the bonus objectives.

To get the orcs to pin each other, take down an enemy and have one of your allies pin them. Make 15 enemies kill each other to pass the mission.

You have to kill five Ologs using stealth. This is easy but going for the extra objectives is not. Hide from enemies and archers in the towers. Only kill Ologs when they are alone. DO NOT USE SHADOW STRIKE as it will not kill the Olog and you will be spotted immediately.

You have to kill enemy caragors with arrows. Run forward at the start towards the arrows so you can pick them up. Now find a place where you can shoot the caragors which are chasing you and shoot them in the head to make quick work of them. Run from enemies if you are out of focus and arrows. Kill all five caragors to complete the mission.

A large group of Ghuls will be running towards you and you can stop them with your arrows if you target the explosive barrels in the hills ahead. You have to use five or lesser arrows if you are planning to get the bonus objective in the mission. Try to use your focus when you see a ghoul near an explosive barrel and you will easily be able to kill 40 enemies within 5 arrows to get the bonus objective.

Ancient Warchief: The Champion
In this mission, you have to kill enemies with combat executions to make the champion appear and then dominate him. Climb into the fortress and start killing enemies by countering incoming attacks to get hitstreaks.

Kill 3 enemies with executions to make the champion come out. Remember that the champion cannot be frozen and is arrow proof so you need to use explosive barrels and fire pits to damage it. Dominate it after you break it to complete the mission.

In this mission, use your arrows to shoot the pits and barrels to eliminate groups of enemies. The fire from the drakes will be burning down enemies quite fast so you need to be quick as well.

Immediately shoot the barrels in front of you and in the back area at the start of the mission. After you have used all of the explosives, use your elven rage and executions to maintain your lead and complete the mission.

When you start this mission, shoot the caragor in front and then dominate so that you can mount it. Now go through the camp ahead and gain caragor allies. Now move to the waypoint on the map and kill enemies in the area. You can get the bonus objective by doing five mounted executions and killing all of the enemies within the time limit. Try to be careful of the archers as they can kill your mount if you are reckless.

You have to kill all of the ghouls with your graug. Use your fire breath to take out grouped enemies and then sprint to the next area to repeat the process. Do this process three times to complete the mission within the time limit and get the reward.

Ancient Warchief: The Tricky
First of all, you have to take out five enemies with stealth attacks to bring out the warchief. Move along the rooftops of the fort and do not use shadow strike to kill enemies as it will not count towards a stealth kill. Kill five enemies before time runs out for the bonus objective.

When you see the Warchief come in front, try to use the barrels to scatter and damage enemies. The enemies have poison weapons so try to avoid fighting them head on.

Kill the clones as it will make things easier and then focus your attention on the warchief. Shadow Dominate the warchief to complete the bonus objective and the mission.

You will be mounted on a dragon as you try to kill 35 orcs in the area. Burn the captain at the start with fire breath and then kill all of the other enemies in the area. Try to move around constantly and spread your fire across an area to make sure you complete the mission in the required time limit for the bonus objective.

Get to the waypoint and then get past the enemies in the area. When you get to the top of the tower, use your bird of prey ability to eliminate seven enemies and then jump down (using aim to slow down time) so that you can kill enemies around you using your bow. Get three headshots and kill enough enemies before the timer runs out for the bonus rewards.

You are mounted on a caragor in this mission and you have to eliminate 10 enemies within the area. Kill four enemies using stealth from above to achieve the bonus objective.

Move around the area and make sure that you are not being spotted and remember that stealth attacks are the way to go.

To complete the bonus objective, get to the tents atop the area and then try to use stealth to kill enemies from above. The archers in the towers can be easily eliminated using your bow.

Ancient Warchief: The Grog Hoader
Get to the top of the walls in the fort and then look for the barrels which you will shoot with arrows. Shoot three barrels and the warchief will appear. Try to utilize the terrain around the warchief to kill the smaller enemies and then turn your focus to the warchief. You can get the bonus objective by taking out 10 enemies with one explosive barrel. Defeat the warchief to pass the mission.

Use your shadow strike to take out all of the archers within the area. Kill fourteen enemies within the time limit to get the bonus objective.

The archers are far apart from each other so try to target each enemy and use the shadow strike consecutively so that you can slow down the time while you target enemies with focus. Kill all of the enemies to complete the mission.

There is a dazed captain which you have to brutalize. You can earn the bonus objective if you kill the captain before the timer runs out.

Avoid enemies and use the buildings as a mode of transport at the start of the mission to get to the location of your target. Run up to the captain and then brutalize him to pass the mission.

In this mission, you will face a horde of enemies and you will need to kill thirty of them. There are multiple bonus objectives for tasks such as executing ten perfect counters. Keep on fighting enemies and kill thirty of them to complete the mission.

Ancient Warchief: The Fear Eater
You have to terrorize enemies in this mission. To do this, you need to kill enemies in groups which will cause other enemies to be afraid and desert their posts.

Jump from top of buildings to brutalize enemies easily since you will be in stealth. Do this to twelve enemies and the warchief will come out. Dominate the warchief to end the mission and kill his bodyguards before you kill the warchief if you want the bonus objective.

Ancient Warchief: The Iron Mount
Enter the fort by jumping over the walls and then free five caragors from their cages. This will make the warchief come out who will be mounting a caragor.

Use your shadow strike to release the mount from his grasp and begin the fight. You can get the bonus objective if you use ground domination to defeat the warchief or do mounted executions on other enemies. Dominate the warchief to complete the mission.

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