Middle-earth: Shadow of War Nurnen Walkthrough

In this Middle-earth: Shadow of War Nurnen Walkthrough, we have provided a to-the-point walkthrough of all the quests that you can complete in Nurnen during Act-2

Shadow of War is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Shadow of Mordor and the game not only takes the best parts of its predecessor but also improves them and adds another level of complexity of the game’s Nemesis system.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Nurnen

Ring of Power

A large group of enemies will begin fighting each other. So jump down and attack your target. Keep attacking to set up for domination and avoid its hits.

Meanwhile, be careful of the smaller enemies around you since any attack from another enemy will cause you to restart your way towards domination. Proceeding the same way will soon dominate you over the target and a cut-scene will be triggered.

Violent Nature

Follow the trail using your Wraith Vision and as you progress, you will see a captured Orc, which can be interrogated.

Continue following the path with the help of dead bodies and you will come across another Orc, which can also be interrogated, and then move to the next waypoint using your Wraith vision and you will come across a third Orc.

Investigate the tree in the center and you will have to defeat the Spirit of Carnan. Also, the Spirit of Carnan will come in three forms and players will have to defeat its each form one by one. First, it will take the form of a Caragor, then Graug and then Drake. Defeating the Spirit of Carnan will trigger a cutscene.

The Witch-King’s Vision

Inspect the body on the ground as the mission starts and then follow Eltariel’s trail. As you move ahead, you will need to interrogate 5 worms to gather intel. Once they are interrogated, return to Eltariel.

The Three Towers

As the mission begins, players need to reach the Haedir tower before it is reclaimed so obviously you need to be quick. However, the timer won’t tick while you are killing Orcs so take your time disposing them of. Once they are dead, the Timer will reappear.

Once it is done, reach the second tower before it is reclaimed and defeat the Orcs and this time the tower will be at a greater distance. Repeat the process for the third tower. After that, A Nazgul will appear to attack you along with some Orcs.

Just counter its quick attacks when prompted and deal some damage to it while dodging the Orcs at the same time. Also, when the captain comes into the battle, try to deal with him first and if you manage to dominate him, you will have a useful ally in the battle. Defeat the Nazgul and Banish it.

The Etten

For this mission, players need to conquer a fort. Choose from the Orcs that you have recruited and march on the fort. Climb up the walls and reach the first Capture Point, here you will fight some captains along with a swarm of Orcs.

Keep fighting and when the prompt appears, capture the area. Repeat this with each of the capture points and the inner section of the fort will open up. Enter the inner sanctum and a cutscene will trigger.


You are controlling a Fort now and a version of your current Defenses is saved online. Other players can also attack your fort online but they will be only attacking a copy of your fort – not the real one. Similarly, you can also assault the forts of other players and during the process your team of captains may also die.

The Fight Pits

Here you can use the Orcs in your army to dissolve enemy’s strongholds and level up. So all you need to do is to pit your orcs against the enemy’s captains and just watch the whole fighting either turning in your favor (if your orcs are powerful enough) or turning your fortune down.

A victory will result in leveling up of your captains, gain them rare or legendary status or granting them new perks.

The Best Defense

For this mission, you will have to defend your fort against an incoming attack from Orcs. It is pretty straightforward, a captain will be leading the charge at your fort. Attack the captain and kill him along with all the Orcs that attack you.

Once they are dead you will be facing another wave of Orcs and this time there will be more than one Orcs captains. As you defeat this wave, another will attack you, just repeat what you have been doing and once all are done go back inside and a cutscene will play.


As the mission starts, players need to rescue prisoners. However, before you get to save them, take out the archers first as they will complicate things for you. Kill the Orcs and the Captains guarding the prisoners and free them one by one.

Once they are free, players then need to kill 30 Orcs along with Bruz. However, there will be quite a few captains in the army. You can also use Bruz to your advantage by mounting him and you can also dominate the captains to fight for you. Once Bruz’s health is down enough, he will flee the fight.


Follow the waypoint and you will be ambushed and some ORcs will be mounted on Caragor beasts. It will take a while but, the fight won’t be that much difficult and you will emerge victoriously.

A Stench on the Wind

Follow the trail and you will find a Revenant, kill it and move on to the next waypoint and there will be three more but, they won’t put much of a fight. Move on and your next objective will be to purify a totem.

Zog the Eternal will be there along with his friends. Fight him and once enough damage has been dealt, he will flee but, the ORcs will keep rising up until the Totem has been purified. Purify the totem and all orcs will die.

The Burning Forest

There are four totems placed around the forest that you need to purify. Just follow the map navigations and purify each one by one. You will also face enemies near these totems so you may would want to clear the areas first.

Once all the four totems are purified, move back to the base of the great tree which will be marked on the map. Here, you will have to face a lot of troubles.

Firstly, there will be some undead enemies trying to burn the tree. Next, there will be torch bearers that are guarded by additional enemies and needs to be killed.

So just stay focused on killing these two main types of enemies and even when you face other enemies, don’t get distracted or else you may let the great tree get pretty harmed.

Once all the enemies trying to burn the Great Tree are killed, a cut-scene will be triggered.

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